Dubi Cars launches campaign Time for Change

Dubi Cars launches campaign Time for Change for the dealers of Dubai.

The campaign titled Time For Change included the distribution of hundreds of clocks to the dealers across the UAE. Each clock represents the need for change, as Dubi Cars is focused and passionate about raising standards in the motor industry. In the current market, change is needed to do better – Dubi Cars prioritizes the essential need to create a transparent and sustainable competitive environment.

“It’s Time to Raise Standards. It’s Time For Change” is a key concept in building the foundations of business success and customer trust for Dubi Cars. The campaign is designed to serve customers with the best services across the board, data and insights, a new look into Dubi Cars and its products in the rollout plan. Today, Dubi Cars provides in class digital products and services and has a product road map for the end of 2021 and beyond, but for dealers to grow their market share online, they need to accelerate their digital capabilities. That’s where Dubi Cars plays an integral role in changing the motor industry and marketspace.

“Our vision has not changed – we are becoming the most trusted marketplace for both the UAE and export market and we are achieving this by partnering with the dealers in the UAE and taking them on a digital journey,” said Craig Stevens, CEO Dubi Cars.