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Full Stop creates Don’t Let it be Your Story for Mobily

Don’t Let it be Your Story

Telecoms provider Mobily has a wide variety of internet bundles that include 15 packages divided into data SIMs, data vouchers and add-ons that would be applied on your regular calling bundle. The objective of the campaign is to summarize all Data products. Full Stop’s campaign message was ‘Do not let it be your story’. The agency reflected our message in a video where it showcased people put in difficult situations for not picking the right package that suits their needs. The video was created in a serious dramatic style to exaggerate the situations to the maximum, positioning Mobily data packages as the solution and the uncommon saviour. The video was made with a cinematographic feel, which allowed Full Stop to extract a cinema teaser and reveal its videos across social media channels with visuals and the main video.


Client: Mobily

Agency: Full Stop

Creative director: Loui Kofia

Account manager: Rayan Jari

Copywriter: Yara Morad

Production: Leap, Nojara