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BBDO works with General Electric’s for “Every Turn” campaign

What was the original brief?

  • BBDO: A World That Works is… a world that’s always working. GE technology never stops to take a break. Our wind turbines keep churning out power, all day and all night, bringing clean energy to millions. Our engines power the thousands of jets in the sky every moment of every day, enabling people everywhere to visit families, make meetings, or move to new cities. And our healthcare equipment never stops scanning, with intelligent technologies that help doctors diagnose problems more efficiently than ever before. The world never stops. That’s why neither do we.

Walkthrough the thought process behind the creatives

  • BBDO: If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that our world is one that must keep turning. GE knows that building a world that works means constantly moving in one direction, forward. The ‘Every Turn’ campaign is an ode to momentum, progress, and building. From renewable energy to jet engines, and everything in-between; GE plays a powerful role behind so many of the small moments that help define who we are, and the big plans that help make life wonderful. Because whether it’s providing power to one-third of the planet, or building medical technology that detects problems before they’re problems, the scope of GE’s work isn’t just felt across the world, but helps change the world. ‘Every Turn’ is the recognition that while gravity might keep our planet on its axis, it’s the things that the hardworking people at GE build that keeps things moving forward. So today, and tomorrow those same people will continue to clock in, roll up their sleeves, and continue building a world that works.


General Electric “Every Turn”

Client: GE

Director of Global Brand: Zara Mirza

Global Brand and Creative Content: Lindsay Stei

Creative: BBDO                                                                     

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Executive Creative Director: Danilo Boer

Executive Creative Director:  Marcos Kotlhar

Creative Director: Eric Steele

Creative Director: Vlad Ivangorodsky

Senior Copywriter: Barney Spiro

Senior Art Director: Harriet Ron

Executive Producer: Anthony Curti

Producer: Sarah Knowlton

Music Producer: Julia Millison

Associate Art Producer: Lizzy Lehn

Managing Director: Steven Panariello,

SVP, Senior Director: Lindsey Cash

Account Director: Meghan Wood

Account Executive: Nathan Sloan

SVP Group Planning Director: Brit Browning

Planner: Caroline Moyer-Kardos


Director: Vellas

Executive Producer: Suzanne Hargrave

Director of Production: Tracy Hauser

Producer: Hannah Cooper

EDITORIAL: Work Editorial

Editor: Rich Orrick

Assistant Editor: Chris O’Brian

Executive Producer: Erica Thompson

Producer: Chris Delarenal


VFX 2D Lead: Daniel Morris

Compositor: Robert Bruce

Compositor: Yebin Ahn

Compositor: Ben Kwok

CG Lead: Tuna Unalan

CG Generalist: Olivier Varteressian

Executive Producer: Charlotte Arnold

Senior VFX Producer: Bindy St Leger

TELECINE: Blacksmith

Colorist: Mikey Pehanich


Lead Producer: Abbey Hendrix

Senior Producer: Dottie Scharr

Music Supervisor: Julianne Wilson

MIX: Sonic Union

Partner – Sound Designer/Mix Engineer: Steve Rosen