ArabyAds-Vidaa partnership brings ads to Hisense TVs

Adtech company ArabyAds has announced a partnership with Smart TV platform Vidaa.

The partnership will bring Vidaa’s connected TV advertising offerings to Hisense smart TVs in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. 

The partnership will appoint ArabyAds as the exclusive representative of Vidaa’s advertising offerings on Hisense televisions in the UAE and KSA.

Vidaa will provide ArabyAds exclusive access to Hisense’s inventory for connected TV advertising within the two countries. 

Hisense CTV offering includes display inventory on the Vidaa OS Smart TV home screens and video-streaming inventory on TV screens. 

“Hisense is amongst the top 3 smart TV brands in the middle east and this partnership adds to our penetration, and strengthens our market leadership in the MENA region”, said Mahmoud FathyChief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ArabyAds.

Yaniv Gruenwald, President of Vidaasaid, “We are thrilled to partner with ArabyAds, the leading advertising technology company in the Middle East.

”At Vidaa, we aim to empower advertisers and brands with our innovative smart TV platform that adapts to local needs and preferences. Together with ArabyAds’ technology and market expertise, we will create a powerful and engaging connected TV advertising experience for the region.

“We are confident that this partnership will be a growth opportunity for both parties and for our customers, who will enjoy more relevant and personalized content on their TVs powered by Vidaa.”

ArabyAds has recently partnered with several companies. Earlier this month, the adtech company’s publisher monetisation platform, The Pubverse, announced a partnership with global technology company Lotame. 

Not the first partnership this year for The Pubverse, it also entered into a partnership with regional Arabic content publisher Mawdoo3.

Arabyad’s retail media advertising platform Ritelo also announced a partnership with Saudi Arabia-based online store Daleel Store, last month.