Radix Media and Burjuman campaign goes beyond ad viewability

Media agency Radix Media partnered with adtech company Smartifai to create a new campaign for shopping mall Burjuman.

Radix Media said, “In an era where consumer preferences veer towards digital experiences, maintaining relevance and engagement has become a daunting task for traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.”

Through the partnership, Radix Media and Smartifai aimed to adapt to the changing consumer landscape and attract the audience in new ways.

The ad technology first identified the target audience on the internet. Then campaigns were launched in high-impact ad formats such as in-screen and in-image ads to map users’ context and placed within the reading context of the user.

The campaign achieved a 46 per cent increase in attention, compared to Adelaideʼs global attention benchmark, thereby setting a new standard within the retail sector.

Additionally, the campaign attained a CTR of 1.3 per cent, with ad interaction rates surging by 50 per cent compared to the benchmark. 

Trevor D’Souza, Radix Media’s head of trading, highlighted that combining AI with creativity to comprehend readers’ context and map the content at a scale not only improved resonance but also ensured relevance and suitability.

Vivek Nair, Managing Director of Radix Media, further emphasized that BurJuman Mall’s achievement serves as a testament to the importance of adaptability and agility in incorporating the latest metrics into marketing strategies for the constantly shifting dynamics of the retail industry.

“In a time of swiftly evolving consumer behaviour, brands must embrace advancing technology and innovation. Additionally, looking beyond ad viewability is crucial, as while viewability can serve as one proxy metric, it does not guarantee attention.”