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GMC collaborates with Arab photographer to represent cultural heritage

In honour of World Photography Day, GMC has partnered with local Arab photographer Abdulla Jaafari. 

He captured the UAE’s culture, beauty and heritage, reflecting both the automotive and artistic worlds.

As part of this initiative, Abdulla Jaafari was tasked to capture the GMC Yukon AT4 and showcase the brand’s connection with the local Arab culture.

GMC has always valued local talent in the creative space, with Abdulla having been a long-term friend of the brand and highly renowned automotive photographer. 

Abdulla effortlessly captured the blend of tradition and innovation of the Yukon AT4, and its integration with the local heritage, bringing out the vehicle’s distinctive features through captivating imagery.

“A photograph is not just about colours or objects. I believe photography came from the wish of being able to capture a memory in visual form, to keep and cherish for as long as we live. 

“GMC gave me this opportunity to relive some memories from my childhood and to showcase my history and connection with the UAE culture and how the Yukon has been a part of that.” said Abdulla Jaafari.

This collaboration marks the brands commitment to supporting local talents in the region. 

Abdulla’s impactful photos will be used by GMC’s PR team in all future communications collateral for the brand, as they recognise supporting such talents play an influential role in representing regional cultural heritage and bringing in a diversity of perspectives.