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Anghami strikes gold for “Sound of Saudi” at the Effies

Anghami Inc., the leading music and entertainment audio platform in the MENA region, proudly earned the prestigious Effies Gold award in the category of “Brand Integration & Entertainment Partnerships” for its groundbreaking initiative, “Sound Of Saudi,” in collaboration with the Saudi Music Commission.

“Sound of Saudi” initiative awarded Gold award at MENA Effie Awards 2023

Recognised by MENA Effie, a symbol of marketing excellence spanning five decades, this distinction reflects Anghami’s commitment to create effective music initiatives that resonate across the region.

Earlier this year, Anghami teamed up with TikTok and the Saudi Music Commision to launch “Sound of Saudi” competition, a fully-digital contest aiming to discover, elevate and boost Saudi musical talents to global recognition.

The success of this initiative was made possible through the support of XELEMENT Agency, the award-winning Saudi Arabian advertising agency whose collaboration played a pivotal role in bringing Anghami’s vision to life.

The campaign was also shortlisted in the highly competitive categories of “Social Media” and “Media Innovation: Existing Channel, Emerging & New Channels”.

Representatives of XELEMENT Agency, Anghami and TikTok MENA


Marian Bahader, VP of Marketing at Anghami, commented: “The most gratifying type of work is the one where creative energy can be channeled to help others.

“Through strategic partnerships with the Saudi Music Commission and TikTok, the competition drew over 32,000 participants and achieved 970.7 million views, reaching 35.8 million users.

“The whole team at Anghami worked relentlessly around the clock for many months to make this a possibility and I am grateful to each and everyone of them.”

Kamil Abi Khalil, Head of Production at Anghami, added, “We’ve been privileged to witness a surge of exceptional talents from the Kingdom.

“The fact that we could create a talent hunt on TikTok allowing so many hidden gems to participate from the comfort of their home and stand a chance to reach their musical goals – was just remarkable.

“The songs are now accessible to all music lovers on Anghami.”

As Anghami continues to score big, the team continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of the music and entertainment industry.