Adidas rolls out new global brand campaign

The campaign aims to advocate a new era for the brand through a reworked visual identity

Adidas Originals has rolled out a new global brand platform, ‘We Gave the World an Original. You Gave Us a Thousand Back.’

It pays tribute ​​to the brand’s Trefoil iconography that’s been used in its marketing and products for over 50 years.

The campaign introduces adaptations to the brands visual scheme and promotes footwear through a guiding theme around three films shot by three creative pioneers. 

The new short films showcase Superstar, Gazelle and Samba shoe models and how their cultural status has evolved over time

Each film is accompanied by a triptych of still photography shot by Chadwick Tyler featuring artists, celebrities and athletes.

This latest global campaign celebrates the brand’s history while putting a fresh foot forward through a reworked visual identity. 

The sportswear marketer is adopting a new brand typeface and removing the ‘Adidas’ inscription from beneath its signature Trefoil. 

The move aims to advocate a ‘new era for the brand,’ a positioning that follows a run of controversies for Adidas related to its previous collaboration with Ye, the artist previously known as Kanye West.

The films highlights the Superstar, Gazelle and Samba sneakers and their impact on sport, skate, music and fashion.

Along with the video component, Adidas partnered with Chadwick Tyler on still photography that captures famous faces who have championed Adidas and raised the brands cultural profile over the years, including Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Jennie and Stormzy.

A new look and global campaign could help Adidas recenter public attention on some of its core footwear products. 

For example, The Samba, has seen a comeback in popularity over the past year after being featured by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and on apps such as TikTok.