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WizShops teases e-commerce platform for UAE and Egypt

E-commerce company WizShops launched a teaser campaign promising a brand new platform for merchants to migrate their offline businesses, online. With the ongoing e-commerce boom, merchants can create their own e-commerce platform easily, in less than 20 minutes. Any offline business can establish its e-commerce website, upload products and enjoy easy sales operations with www.WizShops.com, it says

The teaser campaign reflects the main propositions of the e-commerce company, communicating clearly that any business, big or small, can own and grow their online business. With promising e-commerce growth in the region and to counter the impact of the pandemic, a lot of businesses are now looking to diversify their revenue model to include online stores.

With the teaser campaign release today, WizShops also announced the opening of its first branch outside UAE, in Cairo for the Egypt operation, in preparation to lead the digital transformation of the Egypt Market. Mr. Mohammed Tayem, Founder & CEO of Wiz Holding said, “We are very excited to gear up for the grand launch of our first brand under Wiz holding. We have managed to headhunt some brilliant minds across the region to lead the digital transformation of the offline businesses in the MENA region. We are super optimistic about the 50+ team members that we have brought together to bring our ambitious vision to life. WizShops will be launched very soon from UAE, to operate in both UAE and Egypt as phase one and we will be scaling up across the region in the second phase.”

WizShops is a part of Wiz Holding that recently closed the first seed round of $2 million from investors in USA, Canada and KSA. The company is headquartered in Dubai with offices in Cairo, Egypt and Riyadh, KSA.