Winners‘ Circle: Atteline on winning PR Agency of the Year

Sophie Simpson, Managing Director & Founder, Atteline 

Talk us through your role as founder of the agency

My work has been a result of an authentically collaborative approach that encourages the smart people around me to contribute their ideas. This for me, is the definition of success and has seen not only Atteline grow, but at the same time, we have created a platform for others to thrive and carve out their path. 

Tell us why you think you won the award.

I believe we won this award because together, as a team and with our clients, we have grown in our vision to be better than yesterday and deliver campaigns that shape culture. Celebrating our achievements as a team and with our clients is a wonderful moment for us all to stop and acknowledge our great work. 

What makes these awards unique?

The awards bring all of the marketing and communications industry in the region together. I love that they are not solely focused on one part of the marketing mix!

How are clients’ demands changing?

Nations like the UAE and Saudi Arabia are aiming to tower among the world’s most sustainable countries in the coming years and decades. It isn’t about buzzwords, it’s about rock-solid contribution to a healthier, more equitable future for all.

How important is your team to you?

Atteline doesn’t exist without them! We say we are client-centric and team-first, and we never forget that. 

What are you looking forward to the most in 2024?

KSA is actively working towards a historic transformation into a private-sector-led structure. With a young and educated population, this current landscape holds immense promise for international and local brands seeking to capitalise on the exciting developments unfolding.