Winners‘ Circle: UM Egypt on winning Media Agency of the Year

UM Egypt
Rasha Karim, Managing Director, UM Egypt
Tell us why you think you won the award?

As part of UM Global’s mission, Futureproof, UM has been deeply committed to transforming the digital media landscape in Egypt from basic to multi-moment. We achieve this by ensuring our partners are early adopters of innovative and effective solutions, thereby familiarising the market with Martech paths.

UM Egypt’s primary goal is to educate and accelerate the digital media transformation in the Egyptian market, despite the challenging journey posed by issues like devaluation, inflation, and regional and global conflicts.

In a landscape where challenges are constant, we choose to zig while others zag. Our team is made up
of trailblazers actively reshaping businesses, and our partners’ edge comes from their adept ability to harmonize short-term objectives with long-term growth, positioning them ahead of their peers.

How will the award help you/your agency?

The award provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the collective and impressive achievements of the UM Egypt team in futureproofing our partners’ businesses.

It also serves as an assurance to our partners that embarking on the digital transformation journey
with UM Egypt has generated tangible results that are recognised and appreciated by the media industry
in the MENA region.

What makes these awards unique?

The Agency of the Year award does not come with gold, silver, or bronze trophies. It is a singular award, granting one title upon one agency.

This recognition affirms that a truly exceptional agency is one dedicated to supporting and propelling not only the interests of its partners but also the entire industry, including nurturing the future talent that will graduate and contribute to the media workforce.

How has the agency role changed?

The contemporary Corporate Communications function has evolved to be agile, multidisciplinary, and insights-driven. Silos are no longer in vogue; instead, there is a trend towards holistic, integrated communication.

We observe this shift in our partners’ organisations, transitioning from singularly focused expertise to a multidisciplinary function with complementary capabilities.

And how are customers’ demands changing?

As media continues to evolve, customers are making new demands, driven by the emergence of new tools
and improvements in the quality and accessibility of technologies. Meeting these demands entails the necessity for higher quality data to make more informed decisions, maximising and measuring ROI.

To achieve this and to provide refined data analytics, it is imperative for a media agency to be well-equipped, enabling it to effectively drive a partner’s business forward. 

How important is your team?

UM Egypt’s team has consistently demonstrated the importance of collaboration to achieve better outcomes. The team environment at UM Egypt encourages individuals to contribute their diverse perspectives to any project, enhancing their ability to arrive at solutions more efficiently and effectively.

With the support of a collaborative team, individuals are more inclined to be proactive and take initiatives that lead to innovation.