TV speaks the digital language to reach Saudi viewers

Brand4mance (a Choueiri Group Brand) and Mobily are setting out to write a new chapter in their successful strategic partnership.

The Challenge:

Mobily was launching a special offer through their E-SHOP and wanted to maximize product awareness and direct quality traffic to their website and app.


Leveraging TV as the primary vehicle, an extensive media plan (local and regional channels) was envisioned, incorporating a mix of integrated solutions, spread out between sponsorships of drama and comedy series, along with regular spots on selected segments.

Partnering with Brand4mance (the revolutionary TV attribution solution in MENA), Mobily was able to track, monitor and optimize the performance of every TV spot (Both sponsorship and regular). The call-to-action ran through multiple creatives and Ad durations to promote the e-sim, fibre and pre-paid packages.


Brand4mance measured the impact of every spot, program and channel on Mobily’s website and app and enabling optimization. It empowered Mobily to shift sponsorships (as of the second week of Ramadan) on the same channels and reallocate regular spots to different programs, all based on performance. These optimized conversions all supported Mobily’s business objectives and helped them maximize their reach and achieve their KPI’s:

As a proven example of the power of optimized TV, the campaign also resulted in an overall 33% increase in web traffic, when compared to the same period prior to the launch of the campaign.

As part the Brand4rmance service package, a Brand Lift Study was also conducted to further highlight the results from a different measurement matrix. The impact across the funnel was extremely positive:

Key takeaway:

TV has yet again come out on top for its ability to deliver massive reach and remains a major force for brands seeking to create awareness. With Brand4amnce, TV has been transformed into a performance tool that can be used efficiently to drive results and quality traffic to a brand’s website.