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Radio Influence & Impact for over two decades, by Al Murad Group’s Ravi P. Muni

By Ravi P. Muni, Group CFO, Al Murad Group - Channel 4 Radio Network.

Having celebrated 48 years in the UAE, Al Murad Group is only a year younger than the UAE itself. This symbolises our strength whilst embellishing our legacy as a business entity. Over the last five decades under the leadership of our chairman and the founder Abdulla Mohammed Al Murad, the group has diversified into various successful companies in various industries including radio and television broadcasting, television studios, real estate, shopping malls, security systems, ID card solutions, CCTV and access control solutions, non-distractive testing solutions, etc. The DNA of the group is the commitment to the clients and relentless effort to achieve the best quality in everything we do.

Today, FM radio in the UAE is a platform that targets the widest audience, unmatched by all the other above-the-line and below-the-line channels put together. The Channel 4 Radio Network has always maintained a dominant position in the radio market in the UAE. The Network has consistently secured a significant market share, which over the years has shown positive growth in revenue and profits. This is due to the combination of factors such as listener-oriented programming, excellent relationships with our clients and our capacity to provide a tailored-made creative solution to our clients based on their requirements in a very efficient manner. We have always developed our offerings to match the ever-changing trends in the industry.

It gives us great pride to announce our foray into other businesses in different dimensions, including but not limited to digital content, podcasts, new radio stations and a few other undertakings in the media space.

The current slowdown in the market has given us the opportunity to reflect upon ourselves and our operations. It helped us in streamlining our businesses to make them more agile.

Over the years we have defined the radio space for the country with some of the most remarkable collaborations, innovative campaigns and audacious undertakings in music, sports, entertainment, cricket, events and films. We will continue to do so in the near future by opening new realms for all those associated with us. Our future holds bigger and better things not just for us but also for the industry as a whole.

Our objective never was, and never will be to ‘only survive’. We as a group have always strived to make a meaningful difference – and provide value to our listeners, business partners and clients, which we will continue to do.