The year ahead for social media

Alex’s House of Social helps make sense of the dynamic landscape with tips for 2024

Exciting updates for marketers: Organic reach is on a downward trend, pushing marketers to master the art of paid strategies.

Embrace the battle between organic and paid content for maximum visibility and engagement. Paying to get your content to have maximum visibility and engagement is going to be crucial, so marketers will have to understand the paid media landscape across platforms and how to execute paid and analytical strategies and creative variation distributions.

LinkedIn ads power: Unlock the potential of LinkedIn for B2B. Target specific job titles and company types, even send ads directly to LinkedIn messages. It’s a game-changer business need to take this very seriously this year.

TikTok ads: Organic-looking TikTok ads are a winner, delivering a great return on investment if TikTok fits your brand profile.

Sneaky Snapchat: Don’t overlook Snapchat! It’s a cost-effective powerhouse, especially for reaching the Middle East.

Platform wisdom: Choose your platforms wisely as each platform offers a unique playground for diverse brands, products and services.

Unlock the potential of YouTube Shorts. It’s not just a platform; it’s a search engine where people actively seek content. Discovery meets engagement.

TikTok is number 1 for brands and people oozing cool, creativity, entertainment and that, have something super niche and unique, this is your platform. The organic reach remains great unlike most other platforms, plus vibrant communities, like mom entrepreneurs are huge. Facebook Groups – the command centre:

Facebook Groups are super powerful, so don’t underestimate them and Facebook itself. Online communities will continue to be important, whether it’s an Instagram broadcast channel or a WhatsApp group, groups are where the action is. Make sure you have one this year.

Instagram makes sense for many brands but don’t expect any changes on the organic reach it will only continue to decline, making paid ads a necessity to maximise reach and engagement and platform growth.

Get creative and diversify your content. Too many brands and people are doing the same type of content, the same thing because it worked for them for a while but it stagnates and that is because people get tired, we’ve seen it too many times.

The most memorable people and brands are diversifying the way they are making content so they can stay super current, set nre trends, and keep things exciting.

Personal brand power: For personal brands, embrace content diversity go wide, and stop being one niche.

Product storytelling: To sell products at scale you need to fully understand the art of storytelling because people are not just buying products for products, they crave an emotional connection. Celebrity brand products will continue to rise for sure in 2024.

Crossover magic: Explore crossover opportunities. Just like YouTubers venturing into boxing, embrace new spaces, it’s highly entertaining so if you have been hitching to go into a new space do it!

What type of content creator are you? If you don’t have a very real awareness of what type of creator you are, you won’t be able to truly grow and scale, not every style works for everyone.

Whether you thrive in a studio with a script, you are more raw and spontaneous content, or you love to document or have great conversations, find your unique style.

Lastly, learn to follow and see where the attention is and go there. Stop being emotional about what platforms you like, it’s not about if you like them, it’s about understanding if you’re audience is there and having a presence there.

There you have it! I hope this helps get you practical and real with your start-of-the-year planning and creative strategies.

By Alex’s House of Social, Founder and Creative Strategist