Choueiri Group’s Youmna Borghol: Your guide to DMS Audiences



Audiences are human beings who crave meaningful connections in all aspects of their lives, including brands. For brands to form lasting connections, they need to connect with consumers in a way that creates resonance and demonstrates empathy. For this to happen, they have to first listen to the signals, understand their consumer and then communicate. In other words, they have to build comprehensive profiles of their audiences and communicate with them based on that information. Today, more than ever, brands have the opportunity to do so as consumers are sharing a tremendous amount of data about themselves by being connected all the time. Adding to this is the fact that technology can now connect all this data and activate it at a scale, enabling brands to unlock its value.

At the core of the data technology landscape are Data Management Platforms. A DMP is a centralised technology platform, which allows users to collect, organise, activate and analyse data. By deploying a DMP, brands and publishers can secure tremendous value from properly unlocking the power of audience data through endless activations. One of the key activations is executing effective targeting strategies based on a real understanding of the consumer. Audience targeting results in driving value to the bottom line by improving the experience, efficiency and effectiveness. With audience targeting, smart marketers are eliminating wastage, by buying only ad impressions that will be delivered to targeted audiences, increasing impact by delivering the right message to the right audiences, reaching the audiences in real time across all platforms, executing cross-channel targeting strategies amongst a host of other benefits. Brands appreciate the value of reaching specific audience segments and increasing campaign effectiveness and most expect to increase their investments in audience targeting in 2016. Currently, 90 per cent spend at least 25 per cent of their digital advertising budgets reaching specific targets, while 43 per cent spend more than half of their budgets on audience targeting.

Audience targeting is swiftly becoming the new norm and is shaping the future of marketing, with a clear shift changing the landscape of the media industry. This is placing greater pressure on media owners and marketers globally to transform the way they do business. The MENA region is no different. Savvy marketers in this part of the world want to drive more revenue, efficiency and engagement through buying audiences – high-value targets defined by their preferences, interests, and behaviours. Today, they have access to “DMS Audiences”. With a MENA population reach of 70 per cent, DMS is the single-source premium content publisher with the largest footprint of real individuals online in the MENA region. DMS is able to leverage this robust audience pool to empower strong targeting and measurement capabilities across the digital landscape in the region.

Four reasons why the DMS Audiences solution is effective for advertisers:


  • Premium Audience

For any audience and data solution to be powerful and usable in meaningful volumes, there are four key elements that need to be available: Scale, Breadth & Depth, Precision and Persistence. DMS empowers brands with all four, by reaching more than 70 per cent of the MENA population and 77 per cent of the GCC population. Our audiences consistently engage across our sites and channels consuming content spanning across different vertical, from sports and news, to business, fashion and beauty, entertainment etc. With persistent visits across our massive library of content, we can build extremely rich, precise and high quality audience profiles which create truly holistic, targeting opportunities for advertisers.


  • Premium Content

DMS is the largest representative of premium content publisher in the MENA region, representing an unbeatable combination of premium content online through an impressive portfolio of leading brands. Our publishers offer marketers the best of both worlds, premium audiences which can be reached across a premium context when they’re in a receptive mindset.


  • A Killer Data Combination: Demographics with Behaviours & Interests

While demographic targeting does have a role to play, it’s only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. Targeting by demographic risks serving consumers with irrelevant messages and damaging the brand’s relationship, while missing out on potential consumers. According to one 2015 study from Millward Brown, marketers who try to reach their audience based solely on demographics risk missing more than 70 per cent of their potential shoppers. Demographic data combined with behavioural and interest-based data is a powerful combination which provides a complete picture of the consumer, allowing advertisers to understand the exact point which their shoppers are at on their journey. DMS excels at identifying and extending this killer data combination.


  • A Dedicated Team Committed to Maximising your Campaign Performance

Our audience offering is designed to deliver measurable value for marketers. This value is unlocked through a powerful set of interlinked tools and features, used by a dedicated data team, to make sure we can maximise effectiveness and efficiency at every stage of your data strategy.

Youmna Borghol is the Head of Data Science at Choueiri Group