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StitcherAds named a Snapchat certified partner

StitcherAds is Snacphat’s only partner to be approved for both its custom overlay templates and offline conversions API.

StitcherAds, the platform for ad solutions and shopping experiences that drive incremental sales on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, announced that it has officially become a Snapchat Certified Partner, after six months of success in the alpha stage. With this, StitcherAds has become Snapchat’s only partner to be approved for both its custom overlay templates and offline conversions API, which will help to automatically generate creatives with preferred image tags to power custom Dynamic Product Ads for Snapchat advertisers. In MENA, the fashion retailer Centrepoint is using the new offering at launch.

The Snapchat Certification Partner program recognizes industry-leading companies that help advertisers connect with the Snapchat community in creative new ways. From pre-campaign strategy to creative execution and beyond, Snapchat’s select group of certified partners helps marketers’ solve complex challenges through advanced technology solutions and innovations.

While in the alpha stage, StitcherAds was given a challenge by Snapchat – to help a leading sporting goods client, which had no way to determine offline attribution across multiple channels. Thus, this client was missing a large part of attribution and performance data. SticherAds deployed its holistic technology solution. As a result, the sporting goods client was able to leverage fully customizable dynamic image templates, together with live data from their product feed, to tailor creative with multiple dynamic elements, including feed-driven promotional data, custom delivery information, on-brand design, dynamic product images, logo for brand recognition, and more. With that, Snapchat’s sporting goods client achieved 127x better online RoAS, 7.6x better than on other social channels. Plus, 159x better omnichannel RoAS, 9.5x better than on other social channels.

“Because of the pandemic environment, consumers are shopping online more than ever before,” said Declan Kennedy, co-founder and CEO at StitcherAds. “As a result, advertisers are looking for solutions to boost their in-store sales. Our platform has been able to successfully bridge the gap between online and offline, which is why we’re excited to be an official Snapchat Certified partner so that we can help even more advertisers achieve stronger, rewarding in-store sales.”

Additional StitcherAds achievements in the alpha stage:

  • All live advertisers utilised API only features via StitcherAds (conversions API & preferred image tags)
  • StitcherAds built rewarding onboarding processes for Snapchat advertisers’ offline conversions
  • StitcherAds completed 12 Certifications for Snap Focus

“There are several additional key benefits that we are particularly excited about as a Snapchat Certified Partner, including access to educational resource centres, product training and custom workshops, partner summits, industry events, and much more,” concluded Kennedy.

“Centrepoint was seeking ways to enhance the power of dynamic ads in order to drive more in-store sales,” said Mithil Shah, senior marketing manager at Centrepoint, a division of Landmark Group, and the MENA region’s largest fashion retailer. “We found that by working with ForwardPMX, StitcherAds and Snapchat, we’ve been able to achieve that. Using their powerful combination of data-backed insights, personalization driven by machine learning, and dynamic creative formats, it has enabled us to extend our already successful use of Snapchat for eCommerce to drive more consistent in-store sales, while keeping shoppers more successfully engaged.”

StitcherAds technology helps advertisers to scale full-funnel performance marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. The company has empowered some of the largest advertisers worldwide using data-fueled automation to drive sales online and in-store.