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stcpay grips the attention of young tech savvy Saudis thanks to TikTok For Business

stcpay utilized TikTok For Business’ TopView and In-Feed ad solutions to capture the attention of new tech savvy clientele and boost affiliation among youth in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s stcpay, a secure digital wallet that is designed to provide users with digital payments solutions through smart devices, wanted to increase its brand awareness amongst the tech-savvy youth in the country. The fintech company turned to TikTok as the ideal platform to engage new audiences and help raise awareness of its consumer flagship card, proving that even financial products can be on-trend. The campaign was a great success – it reflected a combination of light-hearted TikTok content that generated above-benchmark impact, taking consumer engagement to new levels with over 13.6 million video views and a reach of 4.9 million.

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“TikTok was instrumental in driving relevant awareness and active participation across our core audience segments. A multi-product approach allowed us to build an effective experience amongst a receptive audience base, which drove uptick across mainstream brand metrics,” said Abdulkarim Giraud, digital marketing manager at stcpay.

stcpay’s campaign came to life by leveraging TikTok For Business’ suite of products powered by a brand and auction buy approach. Two types of ads were used – a TopView and an In-Feed Ad – to reach its objective at super speed. The idea was kept simple: increase awareness for stcpay to a young, tech-savvy crowd and highlight its key consumer flagship card to the Saudi youth, for maximum engagement.

The TopView format is one of TikTok’s most popular because it completely dominates the screen upon opening the app. Autoplaying with the sound on, it produces a moment of widespread exposure and then pushes users to an external link. Whereas, to reach a specific group in an organic way, In-Feed Ads offer the perfect solution. Targeted, scalable, and cost-efficient, In-Feed ads allow advertisers to place a video within a user’s personalised ‘For You’ feed so they appear natively alongside other user-generated content with a short description or call to action.

The stcpay ad creatives were engaging and attention-grabbing, using sleek editing and punchy music to attract the uber-cool tech crowd in Saudi. As a result, it generated above-benchmark impact – 58 per cent of users found the ads enjoyable, 65 per cent agreed that the ads made the brand stand out from the competition and 61 per cent found the ads very innovative.

The authentic, fun content also accumulated over 13.6 million video views with a reach of 4.9 million, instilling a strong sense of relationship between consumers and the stcpay brand, aiding in a 46 per cent uplift in purchase intent.

“TikTok was an important ecosystem for stcpay to drive and effective full marketing funnel approach which proved to lift their upper-funnel brand metrics,” said Nadeem Ibrahim, digital director at UM who worked with TikTok For Business to ensure the campaign was a success.

Commenting on the partnership, Shant Oknayan, general manager of Global Business Solutions, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) said: “Our strong community of tech savvy Gen Z and Millennials are incredibly engaged and hungry for good content that resonates with them. So when stcpay came to us with their objectives, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in and create ads that not only gripped the Saudi audience on the platform but provided them with sound on, authentic content that is true to the TikTok platform and which speaks volumes for them.”

Creative credits: Universal Media