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Spotify Launches “Only You” in Saudi Arabia and Egypt Nobody Listens Like You

Listening is everything for the 356 million users on Spotify. With more than 70 million tracks to pick from, there is a plethora of music to discover – but Spotify knows that nobody listens like you. So today, Spotify is bringing its latest global campaign, Only You, to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to celebrate just that. The multifaceted data-driven creative campaign will feature an in-app experience, personalized playlists and will run across social, digital, and OOH.

While Spotify users have to wait a few more months for Wrapped and the top lists of what soundtracked their 2021, Only You is all about celebrating how they listen – providing a Wrapped-esque shareable experience that Spotify knows users will love. Plus fans will receive new, personalized playlists as part of the Only You journey.

The campaign also includes hero films, a series of short digital videos, celebrating the unique personalities, habits, and expressions of fandom within the Spotify community. The films zeroing in on one hypothetical listener of SherineMarwan PabloAmr DiabOmar KamalHassan ShakoshAbadi Al JoharAhmed AlNasheetAseel Hameem, and Abdullah Al Farwan as an ode to the millions of fans who use the platform every day to connect with the music they love. Only you can be the ballerina that dances to the uplifting Maharagant hit “lghbatita” and only you can be the self-taught oud player who likes to end her session with a soft rock playlist.

“Music is extremely personal and how we listen to it is a reflection of who we are. Only You is designed to show our users their listening habits by celebrating their uniqueness through daily moments that highlight individual taste,” said Sara Milionico, head of consumer marketing at Spotify for the Middle East and Africa.

“Whether you start your morning yoga routine with Hip-Hop or go on a midnight cruise just to listen to Abadi Al Johari, your listening vibe is like no one else.”

Spotify is also celebrating creators and their fandoms through data-driven creative, featuring unique stats for each creator such as:

  • Only Harries eat watermelon for dinner. 43% of Harry Styles fans listen to “Watermelon Sugar” in the evening.
  • Only Hamaki’s audience would sing out loud, even in front of people. The hit song “Oddam El Nas” was streamed more than 5.5 million times.
  • Only the BTS army could handle this much dynamite. Dynamite has been added to more than 3.7 million playlists.
  • Only little monsters could love this much. Lady Gaga fans have created more than 119,000 playlists with ‘love’ in the title.
  • Only Beliebers get this much Vitamin C. “Peaches” has been added to over 6.4 million playlists.

Last week, Spotify launched the Only You in-app experience which helps users discover which artists and songs set them apart. And as part of the Only You campaign, Spotify will be rolling out a new personalized feature called Blend. Currently, in beta, Blend is a new way for two friends to merge their musical tastes into one curated playlist made just for them. Updated daily, listeners can simply invite a friend to blend with – as long as they have a Spotify Free or Premium plan – and Blend will grow with each user over time based on how their listening changes. The feature is available globally and you can find the Blend beta experience in the ‘Made for Two’ shelf within the Only You hub.



Agency: FP7 McCann Cairo

Production house: Fekr Productions



Production house: Apex