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Socialize creates Back to School campaign for Home of Switz

Socialize created a musical hero film for Home of Switz highlighting the difficulties moms face on the morning of the first day of school. A positive song was created about motherhood and the perfect morning mothers wish for, while the background showcased the chaos induced on that dreaded morning where the kids are not obeying her and running around the house refusing to go to school. They also created videos of easy to prepare lunch box recipes, that retargeted their audience. Lastly, this campaign was supported with a content plan dedicated to School Recipes.

This way, Socialize acknowledged the difficulties mothers face when kids return to school, and positioned the brand as an enabler and helper, making a mother’s morning just a little bit easier.

Back-to-school is a stressful time because it’s a transitional period. The weather changes, days shorten, and schedules shift dramatically for families and specifically mothers. Being prepared for a school day morning is definitely not an easy task. It requires Moms to think about their children’s curfew, transportation, food, outfit, safety, and many more factors that are related to school. 

Home of Switz connected this time with their audience on a personal level. We showcased the above experience and shared quick and easy recipes that mothers can prepare, which support and facilitate their morning routine. Hence launching the creative platform: صباح الإستعداد – Ready To Rise & Shine


Client: Home of Switz  

  • Bahaa Moussalli – Head of Marketing  
  • Faten AlDous – Marketing Executive 

Creative agency: Socialize: 

  • Anyce Nedir – Client Partner 
  • Amr Younis – Creative Director  
  • Khaled Hakim – Account Director 
  • Shivani Kulshrestha  – Strategist 
  • Mohamad Awkal – Account Manager 
  • Rahim Barkoumi  – Account Executive  
  • Anas Abdel Aziz  – Account Executive 
  • Brittany Wickerson – Media Director 
  • Omar Kanjo – Digital Performance Specialist 
  • Mohamad Tharwat – Arabic Copywriter 
  • Omar Mohamed – Junior Content Creator 
  • Marrwan El Hussein – Art Director
  • Mohab Essam – Production Manager & Editor