Revolutionising retargeting: Get more with zero risk and second-to-none service

According to a study, approximately 92 per cent of people who visit your online shop for the first time are not ready to purchase your product or service. Even though they might be interested in your product, they are still not ready to convert straight away.

This is where retargeting comes in to help you convert interest into business.

There is a traditional theory that customers require up to seven touches with a brand before they buy. However, digital advertising has evolved, and some marketers believe the number is now much higher, which makes it even harder for brands to bring back those potential clients.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses to bring back those potential customers who visited the website but didn’t make a purchase. In other words, with the retargeting tool you can remind your previous site visitors of the exact items they were viewing, stay on top of their mind and eventually convert them into buying your product. This is done through ads that are shown on partner sites, search engines and all over the Internet.

In the ever-evolving digital advertising world, the fight for audiences’ attention has become even tougher, and now, you can win with not just quantity but also the quality of your ads. So, when you launch a campaign, keep in mind that, in addition to viewing and interacting with your brand a number of times, the customer must also feel the campaign is relevant to them.

To make sure your ads are relevant to your potential customers, you have to know your audience and with the third-party cookie depreciation, it is becoming even more challenging. However, it’s safe to say that ad systems are ready for this change and are doing everything to make advertising more effective even in the new cookieless world. Yandex Ads is implementing a Cookieless Defined Approach to embrace the change and adapt to the market:

  • Advanced Matching is a new Yandex Metrica solution that allows collecting data about conversions not associated with user cookie profile. It helps to increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns and learn more about users’ behavior, even if they use browsers that limit 3rd party cookies, such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Machine learning technologies learn to predict users’ interests, needs, objectives, and the site’s topic. For example, if impersonal probabilities point to the advertising system that a site visitor has been interested in buying a new flat, he will be offered furniture ads.

Yandex Ads could be your ideal partner who can help you and your business bring customers back by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and proven expertise.

Why would you try Yandex Ads?

Unique traffic sources

The Yandex Advertising Network and SDK allow you to reach users on Yandex partner sites that are unavailable to competitors. Moreover, even if you already have a retargeting solution at place, with Yandex Ads you can cover even more partner sites. Less is more doesn’t apply when it comes to retargeting.

Innovative technology

Artificial intelligence provides an improved mechanism for recommending products for a specific user and helps to optimise the cost and effectiveness of advertising.

Pay only for the result

CPA and ROAS based strategies. Risk-free investment with transparent results and predictable cost of conversion.

Incremental effect

+25 per cent incremental conversions relative to our first tests with our clients.

We provide a fully sponsored test where we cover your first 8 weeks of spend and don’t require any commitment* — as well as an ‘all inclusive’ service for our clients and agencies, from integration up through campaign launch and constant recommendations for better performance.

Yandex Ads provides flexible retargeting for every business goal. With our tool, you can show your products to all users who visited your site or app, or you can target a specific segment, whether from the web or app. Specific segment targeting helps you to bring back those users who have added an item to the cart but didn’t make the purchase or those who added an item to their wish list. All segments are flexible and suited to your particular needs.

The ability to reconnect with your potential clients who weren’t ready to purchase products at the first touch with your brand is what makes retargeting one of the most powerful marketing tools.

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*up to $5K depending on geo