Predictions 2023: The year ahead for digital media

By Noreen Nasralla, group SVP brand & communications, e&

Today, when people want to make daily decisions to download a new app, buy a new technology or even choose a place to dine they tend to avoid risk. Instead, they are more likely to choose a name, place or brand that is linked to a memory or previous experience that allows the digital brand to stand out visually. It is a safe and predictable choice because they know what to expect, reducing any risk of disappointment.

As brands evolve and strengthen their digital footprint, we must focus on how people perceive us, the impact we have on their lives and the value-added experience and legacy we leave behind. The margin for error is thinner than ever. That is why we all need to change the mindset of brands, and the way we talk to people and empower them as they transform to a digital lifestyle.

Transformation into a global tech conglomerate

In 2022, we successfully transformed from a telco to a trusted global technology conglomerate with a dynamic evolution of the e& brand.

Confidently committed to accelerating company growth and achieving extraordinary results, we are now dedicated to creating a digitally brighter future and focused on creating limitless possibilities built on connections, connectivity and collaboration to empower the communities we serve.

e&’s leadership has always sought to embrace innovative ways to transform, operating methods that are customer-centric, digital-driven and propelled by next-generation technologies. This underpinned the rebranding campaign, ensuring we considered our past, our people and our progressive future and created a sustainable operational framework in which we could do things differently.

The brand sustainability framework now defines and manages the environmental, social and economic impacts of business growth. Adopting ESG as a business model has become a necessity for organisations or companies to stay alive in the communities they touch or that touch them. Designed by nature, this relationship between brands and communities will ensure sustainable growth for both as well as business continuity. e& has succeeded in setting a tangible example by integrating five key pillars into its operations: digital transformation and innovation, responsible business practice, people empowerment, environmental stewardship and connecting communities. We can achieve our strategic business objectives while we stay cautious about our surroundings.

Digital transformation and innovation

Recently, we have been exploring and employing new technologies to digitally empower customers and societies and develop new opportunities for CSR initiatives that bring positive changes in connectivity, education and health.

Through sustainable digital innovation, we continue to promote an inclusive digital culture and deliver a superior customer experience, introducing breakthrough technologies that enhance people’s lives and maximise value creation for our shareholders.

From being the first in the MENA region to launch the highly-resilient 5G network to acting as a catalyst for digital change in our role as Expo 2020 Dubai’s official telecommunications and digital services premier partner, we have heralded a new era of the digital economy for our customers’ benefit.

Digital media

Digital content and social media networks have transformed the cost and distribution models for media businesses. As a result, to stay abreast of the technological advancement in the industry, we have become active in seeking investment opportunities and strategic partnerships to expand our capabilities.

Technological breakthroughs in the creation and distribution of content and the rise of digitally enabled experiences are forcing us to adapt and adopt new ways of how we create, package, share and maintain digital content by exploring the expansion of our fibre networks, increasing data centre capacity and focusing on the metaverse and associated technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, NFTs and digital content.

Being future-ready

As we progressed on our transformation journey we took an in-depth look from a talent and culture standpoint and began linking employees’ responsibilities with our vision and demonstrating how they are the change-makers in digitally empowering societies by living our values and company purpose.

We identified a need to close the talent gap in information communications technology and hire more professionals from varied industry backgrounds including data science, fintech, IoT and corporate governance.

By building comprehensive and targeted career development programmes, including rotation and secondment opportunities, we ensure that our high-performing workforce is prepared and skilled for the digital future and equipped with the right tools and capabilities aligned to the future of work. A workforce designed for these evolved and future directions.