Pikasso joins #OurSecondChance Biggest Worldwide DOOH Campaign to date

#OurSecondChance is the biggest worldwide DOOH campaign to date developed by the World Out-of-Home Organization (WOO previously FEPE) and created by New Commercial Arts agency.

The World Out of Home Organization’s #oursecondchance campaign, which was launched this month, is rapidly achieving global coverage, as OOH media companies and National Trade Associations across the world sign up to support what will be the largest ever worldwide Digital OOH campaign.

Pikasso joined this global initiative and diffused and displayed in their 10 countries all the visuals on their DOOH inventory were present and in prime Classic Roadside Rooftops and Unipoles.

As WOO President Tom Goddard says “ Our Second Chance reflects the new post Covid world, in a non-partisan way and highlights the opportunity it gives citizens across the world, to consider their priorities and aspirations”.

The campaign, which has been created by UK creative agency New Commercial Arts, with production and distribution managed by Grand Visual, is being rolled out across five continents in 10 languages and over 30 countries so far.

We will soon see the start of a major social media initiative with the hashtag #OurSecondChance deploying Twitter polls to explore consumer attitudes to the choices and opportunities presented in a world changed by Covid-19.

Mark Flys, General Secretary of the World Out of Home organization, says.  “Our heartfelt thanks go to all those in the OOH community across the world who have contributed their time, effort and inventory to make this happen. And there is still time for any organisation not involved yet to sign up and take part.”

Here are some executions pictures displayed on Pikasso inventory in Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Algeria.