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Dubai Police partner with Zia Creative Network to launch virtual K9 forum

Dubai Police launched the 3rd International Police Dog Forum (K9) with the participation of 588 local and international experts and specialists in training police dogs.

The forum shed light on scientific research in the field of K9, best practices and the latest training methods that contribute to raising the efficiency of trainers and dogs.

Zia Creative Network successfully executed the world’s first virtual K9 forum with live handling, recording and managing the zoom event. Zia also provided live translation services for international participants.

The Zia technical team was readily available to switch between the screens and ensured that the event ran smoothly without any technical glitches. Zia also delivered the event’s final video to Dubai Police to be published in the press and their social media channels.

Speaking about successfully executing the first virtual event for Dubai Police, Waseem Yakdi, CEO of Zia Creative Network said, “Working with Dubai Police is always a pleasure, and we have a long-drawn relationship with them in handling multiple projects and events.”

He further added by saying, “In the beginning, this forum was supposed to be an actual event, but due to COVID situation, it was decided to make it virtual. Since we’ve already conducted several virtual events for Dubai Police, we were very much confident of our ability to make this event successful.”