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Pengu takes to the streets for Riot Games campaign

Production house electriclime° has linked up with Riot Games to create a new film to celebrate the launch of Teamfight Tactics Mobile (“TFT”) in Asia Pacific.

The film, directed by Pabz Alexander, sees the popular TFT character Pengu dance their way through the streets, sharing the joy of the game as they go.

Shot on the streets of Singapore, the advert portrays an exhilarating chaos, which mirrors the excitement one can experience in the game due to its intense battles, strategic elements and occasional moments of unpredictability.

Throughout the commercial, the aim was to reflect the vibrant embodiment of joy and mischief which comes with the character, bringing Pengu to life with their whimsical spirit within the dynamic world of TFT.

Pengu moves from location to location, picking up followers along their journey and then culminates with an electrifying, full-on dance off between Pengu and their fans, with the Little Legend bringing the party atmosphere to the finale.

Director Pabz Alexander said: “TFT provides an exciting and unique gaming experience for its players, and we wanted to reflect this in our film.

“Bringing the chaotic and fun element to its launch was a great opportunity for myself and the electriclime° team and capturing the essence of Pengu in the commercial was a thrilling challenge.”

The project is also joined by several influencers. It was also launched to promote the launch of TFT’s app as part of the game’s experience.


Production house: electriclime°
Director/Editor: Pabz Alexander
DoP: Tom Black
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Producer: Joanna Ng