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BackLite reveals strategy behind slick Jimmy Choo campaign

With web browsers and apps blocking cookies, ad spend is shifting to DOOH more quickly than expected, BackLite CEO James Bicknell said.

BackLite Media has shared the “strategy behind the story” of Jimmy Choo’s summer campaign, promoting its summer eyewear collection.

The campaign, which ran for nearly a month from June to July 2024, leveraged high-impact advertising spaces within BackLite’s Digital Icons network. It explicitly targeted screens near Downtown Dubai en route to Dubai Mall and Umm Suqeim Road, making it an effective drive-to-store campaign for the brand.

“These locations were selected for their visibility, effectively capturing the attention of Jimmy Choo’s target demographic, affluent shoppers, and reaching millions of passersby,” James Bicknell, CEO of BackLite Media, told Campaign Middle East.

With the capability to deliver approximately 45 million impressions monthly, this campaign ensured widespread visibility for the brand.

Speaking about the strategy behind the campaign, BackLite revealed the transition from traditional static billboards to dynamic digital screens, marking a new era in content delivery that empowers advertisers with real-time updates, flexibility, and standout campaigns in the UAE.

James said, “Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media is on the verge of transforming the OOH industry. As media moves toward a screen-based environment tied to data and technology, criteria like time, content, and contextual relevance have become the new pillars of OOH media placement.”

BackLite Media Jimmy Choo campaign

“With web browsers and apps increasingly blocking cookies, ad spend is shifting to the DOOH sector more quickly than expected. Marketers now see DOOH as a more respected medium for engaging consumers in meaningful and conversational ways,” he added.

BackLite Media’s integration with cutting-edge technologies, such as live data feeds and location-based services, allows the company to target audiences and deliver contextually relevant content on the Digital Icons network.

In a market moving towards measurement and performance, BackLite has stayed ahead of the curve.

James said, “We recognise that more than digitisation is needed. To truly excel, we’ve incorporated data into our strategy, providing clients with comprehensive reports highlighting metrics such as playouts, impressions, reach, and frequency, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximise their impact.”

“We offer detailed reports encompassing these metrics by partnering with Seventh Decimal and Admobilize. Seventh, Decimal’s pre-campaign planning tool assesses location performance, allowing us to recommend specific sites based on campaign objectives. We close the loop by providing post-campaign reports to help clients understand their campaign performance,” he added.

BackLite also collaborated with Media Agency Group on the campaign.