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OOH Industry Snapshot: Promomedia’s Patrick Haber

Patrick Haber, managing director, Promomedia

What effect is technology having on the business of OOH?

Digital out-of-home has changed the face of outdoor advertising. Now advertising via our digital billboards is more and more requested by our clients and their brands. Technology has made OOH more accessible and more desirable. With no printing cost or fees and no need to wait, clients can remotely have their ads posted with one click and monitor how many times their ads have been displayed, with the advantage of changing visuals and message whenever they want while targeting the audience they desire.

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What metrics should be used to measure OOH success?

Travel survey, traffic intensity model, eye tracking and mapping

What are clients asking you for?

These day clients are asking for more exposure on digital billboards, and thus are switching all OOH activities and requests to digital billboards since they are able to insert detailed advertisements that show more information regarding their ads, while also being more creative with their content.

How can OOH be better integrated into other brand communication channels?

Since OOH is growing and evolving despite all the changes that are affecting the media and advertising world, it is a medium that can never be cancelled. Every media plan has to have OOH in it. It effectively builds brand awareness, boosts all other channels, delivers mass reach quickly and generates consistently high ROI.

What legislation or regulation would you like to see applied to the industry?

Suppliers should be allowed more freedom and fewer laws (of course without causing any harm to the environment or people) to innovate and implement new technologies and ideas without any restrictions. OOH, when handled by professionals, is decorating the streets with beautiful colours and lights, therefore making the scenery even more beautiful.