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OOH Industry Snapshot: Al Arabia‘s Mohammed Al Khereiji

Mohammed Al Khereiji, CEO, Al Arabia

Who is Al Arabia OOH? And what is your coverage in the region?

Al Arabia Out of Home (OOH) has been the leading outdoor solution provider since 1983, offering clients expertise across a multitude of platforms and disciplines. It has invested in companies across the entire media funnel to ensure quality from inception to delivery. We are the leading outdoor digital solutions providers offering global and local client’s expertise across a multitude of platforms and mediums to provide our clients with premium solutions and services using the latest technologies to meet the advertising needs of their businesses and maintaining our status as a trusted partner in the market.

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Al Arabia OOH owns and manages more than 25,000 faces in the region. We have successfully deployed more than 800 digital screens with various formats across 28 cities in KSA, digitised 62% of our network and developed unique ad measurement systems.

What makes OOH in KSA different from other regional markets?

In a region that is currently undergoing extensive media and advertising transformations, the Saudi market stands out and is developing at a rapid pace.

We are witnessing significant, continuous growth where multinational companies are building localised communication strategies to cater to the Middle Eastern market. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are constantly evolving. With the aim of raising brand and product awareness, various advertisers are seeking innovative ways to captivate their target audience. We at Al Arabia OOH are part of this dynamic and ever-changing media demographic.

Vision 2030 transformed the country, and Al Arabia has played a major role in transforming the OOH business with extensive resources at our disposal ensuring wide scale market coverage in the Kingdom, we service the largest multinational companies and renowned luxury brands by offering a multitude of advertising tools
and strategies to roll out large-scale and targeted campaigns in the Saudi market.

Massive projects are taking place in Saudi Arabia: attractions such as The Boulevard, The Zone, Riyadh Front and Jeddah’s corniche and promenade; new, modernised airports; and new cities such as Neom, Al Ula and Ad Diriyah. There is increased investment in OOH mediums to raise and drive awareness on all these projects that have been completed, launched or are in the pipeline.

The Kingdom is undergoing an impressive transformation at all levels.

With a vast territory and a population of 35 million people, out of home advertising is necessary for mass-market reach and coverage. It will enrich advertisement diversity, along with providing the ability to target and reach the right audiences.

The Kingdom’s ambitious development must be accompanied by the latest modernised advertising tools such as OOH mediums.

How important is technology to OOH?  

To create a stronger campaign balance, technology is an important factor to OOH mediums. This will lead the current industry to become a thriving media sector that is in harmony with the civil component of cities and society, blending in modernisation of advertising, and being more environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing to the audience and the client. 

Technology brought innovation, transparency, and accountability at all levels to outdoor media. Other changes range from the way OOH is planned, to the way audiences are targeted by measuring the overall impact of advertising campaigns.  

Location data technology enables brands to activate hyperlocal campaigns and launch targeted ads where they can measure the reach percentage, frequency, and impressions according to geo data and can get audience insights.

How does OOH fit into the marketing mix with other media?

OOH is introduced to provide seamless ground- breaking solutions that make an impact on the lives of those it touches. For example, Al Arabia OOH concentrates on high-end, luxury, primary and busy roads, malls, and communities, to offer ultimate visibility to our clients and to meet the advertising needs of their business.

OOH effectively builds brand awareness, giving small and large businesses enhanced exposure. It drives consumers actions and sales. It provides mass reach in a format that’s hard to miss. It is cost-effective in comparison to other ad mediums.

Ooh is the best marketing tool where you can reach more people in the right place at the right time, and this should be the main strategy in today’s competitive market for many brands.

What legislation or regulation would you like to see introduced or removed around OOH?

The legislation and regulations have developed and evolved catering to the ambitious economic growth plans the Kingdom is pursuing. Such positive change has provided cities and clients with state-of- the-art innovative advertising products, data-driven solutions and world-class services using the latest technologies in line with highest international standards. Carefully distributed units in the most strategic locations ensure the best visibility, reach and frequency both outdoors and indoors to engage audiences. This has been the result of positive developments in regulatory frameworks.

What are you most looking forward to (regarding OOH) in the next year or so?

To become the go-to agency for outdoor advertising in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, delivering the latest innovative advertising opportunities across various platforms.

We at Al Arabia OOH are keen to cement our position as the leading Saudi company in out-of-home media, aiming to digitalise 100 % of our outdoor network by 2023. Our ambitions lie in providing added value to our marketplace, driving positively impactful contributions to the economy as a whole and the media sector in particular.