Reefi, A Saudi Homeware Retail Brand Saw A 371% Lift in ROAS Utilizing a Multi-product Strategy

The Story

Reefi is a leading Saudi-founded homeware retail brand specializing in home wearables. Reefi wanted to reach and engage with the Saudi consumers to increase their sales. They had identified Snapchatters as their potential target audience which had high interest in their product offering. Reefi utilized a mix of Snapchat ad products to achieve their objective of increasing sales and revenue, and improve results over time.

The Solution

Reefi adopted a full-funnel, multi-product video strategy to increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions among their target audience of Gen Z & Millennials. Leveraging Story Ads allowed Reefi to efficiently broaden their reach, share their brand message and showcase the breadth of their product offering, while engaging Snapchatters who showed higher intent. In addition, with Snap Ads swiping up to their landing page.

The Results

Reefi’s multi-product strategy led to a strong incremental success across the campaign’s pixel events, including page views, add to cart and purchases. Reefi was able to achieve high conversion rates and impressive revenue figures. They saw an increase in ROAS of 371%, while also seeing a decrease of 36% in CPA on their campaigns.