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On the occasion of Eid, FP7 & Al Mosafer brings a film made by people themselves, titled ‘Stories of Mecca’.

The Occasion:
Today, as we know, marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Eid; a celebration that’s observed by 1.8 billion people (Muslims) around the world. It’s a tradition among Muslims to try and visit Mecca during Ramadan and Eid – for prayers to observe the two religious celebrations as well as for Umrah (the year-round pilgrimage).

The Tension:
But this year, as is common knowledge in this region, due to the situation and the health crisis owing to COVID-19, Mecca is under absolute lockdown, even during Ramadan and Eid. Even people living in Saudi Arabia cannot travel to Mecca. This has never happened in our lifetime. With these lockdowns and travel restrictions prevalen

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