Omnicom organic growth declines 9.6 per cent in Q4

Revenues for 2020 were down almost 12 per cent globally after a tough year.

By Alison Weissbrot

Omnicom is still feeling the impacts of the pandemic.
Organic growth for Q4 declined 9.6 per cent to $3.7bn (£2.7bn), a sequential improvement from Q3’s 11.7 per cent decline, but still not back to positive territory. For the full year, organic growth declined 11.1 per cent to $13.2bn.
Globally, advertising decreased by 9.7 per cent in Q4 and 12.2 per cent for the year, with media improving sequentially by quarter. Health and pharma, food and beverage and technology clients continued to spend while travel, entertainment and oil and gas were hardest hit.
While the company has reason to be hopeful as the vaccine rolls out, there are “still significant challenges

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