Nishe Consulting appointed as auditors for UAE Media Measurement RFP process

Nishe Consulting appointed as auditors for ABG.

Nishe Consulting has been appointed auditors for the ABG’s UAE Media Measurement RFP process.

The Dubai-based accounting and consulting firm, established in 2016, has a strong reputation as a socio-commercial organisation, actively supporting women empowerment.

The all-women team bagged the Best Boutique Accounting Services firm 2020 – Dubai award by Acquisition International and was featured as a case study in the August 2020 ACCA publication on Responsible SMP Pacesetters for championing women’s inclusion.

Nasheeda, the founder, is an FCCA and an ex-PwC assurance director. She has lived in Dubai since 1991 and developed extensive experience in auditing and assurance, finance, accounting, VAT, training and management. She also writes blogs focusing on topics such as women and society, accounting, tax and entrepreneurship and is currently a member of the ACCA Members Advisory Committee and ACCA Global Tax Forum. She became the 2020 award winner as the “Best CEO Middle East in the Accountancy Field” by CEO Today Magazine.

Deoreena has worked with Nishe since February 2017 and been a bedrock of support for the firm and key to its subsequent growth. She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Deo has over 12 years of diversified experience in accounting, finance, direct and indirect taxes and auditing. She is a long-time resident in the GCC region, having lived in both Qatar and Dubai.

Asad Rehman, who leads the UAE Media Measurement project, said: “We look forward to working closely with Nasheeda and Deoreena. Nishe Consulting’s expertise and experience will be invaluable in the auditing of the ground-breaking program, which will raise transparency and accountability in the UAE media sector.”

For more information on Nishe, please visit www.nisheconsulting.com.