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Call for listings – Campaign’s Audio Guide 2024

Campaign Middle East is pleased to announce our 7th annual edition of our Audio & Radio Guide 2024 that would be published on May 27th 2024.

This is our all information in one, hands-on annual directory on everything audio from radio stations, podcast networks to sonic branding agencies in the region for marketers, planners and media buyers.

You can view  Campaign’s last year Audio Guide 2023 here for reference. Here are some quick pointers about this year’s Audio & Radio Guide 2024:

The next issue sees the return of Campaign’s popular audio and radio guide, listing all radio stations, podcasts network, audio streaming platforms and sonic branding agencies in the MENA region.

A ready reference for planners and buyers, this annual directory details stations’ demographics, content, frequency, language, audience numbers and more. It will be accompanied by articles about all things radio and audio.

Participation in the Campaign Audio Guide 2024 is the best way to stay top-of-mind among planners. The informative directory will sit on agency desks all year as the go-to reference on regional radio buying.

If you are a radio channel that wants to reach out to media agencies and marketing managers, we want to know more about you and you should reach out to us.

The guide would also be a ‘state of the nation’ report at how Radio is performing and what are its prospects for the year. Industry leaders will be quoted, whilst others will provide in-depth analysis in the form of first-person articles.

Radio channel listings will also be featured in Campaign’s Online Directory. Campaign has digitising all its guides and directories, now each channel will have their own page hosted in the Online Directory where agencies and brands can search for media based on their requirements.

Similarly you can search for all the Radio Channel listings in the Online Directory by selecting Radio Channel in Type.

Please find below the partnership options:

Option 1 – Free Listings:

Radio Channel information:

  1. Name of the channel
  2. Ownership / Parent Company:
  3. Head office
  4. Number of staff
  5. Year founded
  6. Bio (please send in the below format)
  • Language/Format?
  • Location of mast?
  • Which countries does it reach?
  • Broadcast License Lessor?
  • Email id

Cost: FREE.

Please note that there would be minimum 8/10 free channel listings on each page. If exclusivity and added exposure are preferred, please find below the add on options:

Option 2 – Extended Listings + Annual listing in Campaign Online Directory

Added Radio Channel information: The above  listing details with the below added info:

  1. Extended Bio  Listeners demographics
  2. Flagship programmes
  3. Rate card
  4. Business details
  • Media rep (+ contact details)
  • Website
  • Address
  • Contact number

Plus an annual listing subscription in Campaign’s Online Directory., where the above info would be available online throughout the year on Campaign’s website in the form of a full page listing.

Option 3 – Half Page listings for each channel/agency:

All the above listings in a half page format of the magazine + Annual listing in Campaign Online Directory plus:

  1. Leadership panel (pictures and designations of up to 6 top management team)
  2. Channel’s logo

Option 4Full Page listing for each channel/agency:

Half page Listing for each channel + Half Page Interview + Annual listing in Campaign Online Directory. This option includes the above logo Half Page option plus the lower half page utilised as an Interview with the channels head or a Half Page advert if the interview is not required.

Option 5Double Page:

Half page Listing + Half Page Interview + Full page Advert + Annual listing in Campaign Online Directory. This option will include the above full page option plus a Full Page advert would be offered on the opposite page.

Option 6Official Partner the Annual Radio Guide 2024:

This option includes the above Double page option plus you would be the Sponsor with your logo on the Front Cover of the report as one of the official Partner to this annual directory + you advert would be in a premium Inside Front Cover / Outside Back Cover / Inside Back Cover or First Right Hand side positions.

The deadline is 10th May 2024 for providing us the above listing information.

Please send all listings information to [email protected] and [email protected] for the above extended listings rates and in case you have any further queries.