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Nicole Kidman stars in Etihad global ad campaign


Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman is the star of Etihad’s new global advertising campaign.

Created by M&C Saatchi Australia, the campaign sees Kidman star in and provide the narrative for the TVC, which will be shown on global TV stations and social media in both 60 and 30 second formats, with still versions of the campaign appearing in print, digital and on outdoor channels.

The commercial was shot by husband and wife directorial team Anthony Atanasio and Valerie Martinez, with the TVC filmed onboard Etihad Airways’ new flagship Airbus A380 and in locations around the world, including various landmarks in Abu Dhabi. The TVC also features a digitally created scene of Kidman in the interior of the soon to be opened Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ chief commercial officer, said: “Etihad Airways is constantly pushing boundaries, taking inspiration from the world to provide a superlative in-flight experience for our guests. We are rewriting the rule book and reimagining flying by breaking away from convention and leading the way in innovation, design, style and hospitality. This new campaign has succeeded brilliantly in bringing our unique brand and service ethos to life on film, in print and on digital channels.

“Nicole Kidman, as a globally respected artist, was the perfect voice and face for our story, and embodies worldly sophistication, intelligence, originality, and elegance – values which form the foundations of the Etihad brand.”

Discussing the commercial, called ‘Flying Reimagined’, Atanasio said: “This film represents a wonderful opportunity to create an incredible mood of beauty and poignancy, to make viewers ‘feel’ the ideas, the connections, the materials, the creativity, the freshness and excitement and also the tangible, personal benefits of how Etihad Airways has reimagined flying.

“We want to deliver an elevated sense of beauty, artistry, and enlightenment, giving viewers with the sense that Etihad Airways has raised the bar not only in airline travel, but in the larger realm of human endeavour.”


  • Expect more, pushing boundaries, redefining the category – sounds exactly like every single real estate ad we’re subjected to in the UAE. Boring and cliched work here I’m afraid. I wish Etihad had paid attention to its own stated philosophy of pushing boundaries and rewriting the rule book when it developed this campaign. Strange how many companies claim to do this and then create wallpaper ads. And why did they have to go all the way to Australia for this kind of work? Dull and unimaginative work can be done anywhere.

  • They went all the way to Australia because their main agency is based in Sydney.

  • Eithad is a very good airline showing great potential in the Middle East. It has a great future ahead of it. There are still some negatives i hear about Eithad airways. Since this is a airline based in the Middle East. Of course it would target people in that area, at least it should be. And since i am a customer that comes from the Middle East that Eithad would want to target, i don’t know who Nicole Kidman is. I believe that they should think of an athlete or famous person who is know worldwide. Also, this is a global airline that would target different countries. Especially in a world today where we have more diversity no matter what country you live in. So, i would go for someone who is more well known and more famous to represent my company.

  • Yes, I get that. What I don’t understand why they appointed an agency based in Sydney to handle their account when this is the standard of work that gets produced. You’d assume they’d go all the way to Australia to get better work than they could get from a agency located in the same country they are. But the work is poor. So why appoint an Australia based agency to begin with?

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