Nakheel’s marketing tip: Take a step into the future

The property giant's CMO talks about its core marketing strategies with Campaign Middle East editor Justin Harper

In Dubai, we don’t merely construct mega structures or luxurious living spaces – we build the future. The future doesn’t create itself; it needs to be dreamt and envisioned and most importantly executed.

It takes strategic planning and innovative implementation from visionary leadership along with a razor-sharp focus on quality and a commitment to design ergonomic spaces where people can thrive and prosper to build a world-class city.

Building a resilient brand

 Nakheel’s core marketing strategy has always hinged upon constructing a memorable brand with a competitive edge in the market, coupled with the ambitious scale of Dubai projects making it a transformative leader in the construction sector. The data-driven marketing strategies we use are imperative to drive innovation and enhance productivity.

 For any real estate project to hit the bull’s eye, market viability is of paramount essence.

Abed Bibi, Chief Marketing Officer, Nakheel

You need to identify your target audience as well as the channels through which that audience can be tapped. The success of master developments is dependent not on the sheer scale, but on how well they are able to resonate with its core audience and their aspirations at any given time.

And for that we need to ensure the market is ready for a project on the scale that we develop, so it is essential to study the current trends, analyse that data and then decide how and when we are going to launch the project.

For example, Nakheel has launched villas on Palm Jebel Ali, so our job as marketers is to innovate and capture the audience’s imagination, so people are curious, engaged and ultimately want to live there.

We always take a step into the future with the promise of a better tomorrow and show the possibilities.

Digitisation and opportunity

 Digitisation is a crucial part of economic progress and utilising data to drive our digital channels is key for us as marketers. This data enables personalisation and delivering the right information to our customers and communities.

There is a need to capture machine learning to come up with innovative marketing solutions to showcase our futuristic vision. Nakheel has pioneered adapting and enhancing technology, to leverage the latest trends to enhance its brand identity and offerings.

While AI and its incumbent tech will no doubt play an integral role in our work, we are also acutely aware that the human element is an essential part of the connection because at the end of the day, it is the human mind that feeds AI.

We need to remember that any marketing strategy that does not put the end user, the people, at the heart of it, will not be viable. Nakheel’s brand culture is intrinsically linked to the entire experience we curate for our clients.

It is the people who matter the most, the ones who are part of our DNA as our employees, as well as those we build homes for. That is key our success and the very reason why the UAE’S real estate market is the global success story we see today.

By  Abed Bibi, Chief Marketing Officer, Nakheel