SkyBlue Media introduces OOH concepts to boost luxury brands visibility

SkyBlue Media, a transit media advertising firm, has introduced OOH concepts to provide luxury brands with an opportunity to engage with their target audience. 

The idea of transforming brand visibility into moving canvases not only enhances the visibility of these luxury brands but also creates interactive transit advertising experiences that capture the attention of consumers in transit.

Dato’ Manikandamurthy Velayoudam, Group Chairman and Managing Director of SkyBlue Media explains developments in OOH advertising and its impact on increasing brand visibility and customer engagement towards luxury brands. 

Bus advertising in Dubai presents a compelling opportunity for brands to establish connections and foster brand recall. With travellers spending an average of 60 minutes in traffic daily, buses become a prime medium for exposure.

The extensive fleet of approximately 1,400 buses traverses 82 per cent of urban areas in Dubai. This extensive reach ensures that 90 per cent of the population encounters bus media multiple times daily, amplifying the effectiveness of bus advertising as a communication channel.

By transforming buses into moving billboards, brands can significantly enhance their visibility and engage with diverse audiences throughout the city.

SkyBlue Media, operating buses adorned with promotions for renowned luxury brands such as Hamilton, Rado, Longines, and Tissot, is part of the Rivoli Group, one of the largest luxury conglomerates in Dubai.

Their buses, managed by the RTA, strategically navigate through key locations in the city, becoming moving canvases for Rivoli Group’s luxury brands.