MoEngage report: brands see 85% increase in open rate of personalised emails

MoEngage, a customer engagement platform, has released a “State of Personalization Report” covering how retail brands in the Middle East and Africa can use the power of personalisation in their email communication to enhance their engagement metrics.

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Customer expectations have been ever-evolving, and there is a visible shift in their shopping/buying behavior. Almost 52 per cent of consumers prefer buying groceries online, and 90 per cent of consumers will continue to shop online.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for brands to understand the consumer trends and act accordingly. Additionally, as interactions become frequent, brands will move beyond first name personalisation and dig deeper into their data pool to identify insights to drive communications.

To supplement the above points, the report also highlights how marketers and brands are responding to this ever-changing customer demand with focus on personalisation. MoEngage took a survey of more than 1000 executives from the region to understand the investment trends in the martech stack.

Some of the key findings from the survey are:

  • 52 per cent of brands are investing more in their martech stack to drive personalisation
  • 66 per cent of marketers are looking towards enhancing their email personalisation capabilities
  • While email remains the most frequently used touch point, social media is catching up.

The highlight section of the report includes two use cases of personalised emails from the region. Across both instances, brands witness higher engagement rates, with better open rates (85 per cent increase) and higher CVR (~2X).

This ultimately reflects the fact that customers respond to messages or communications specifically tailored for them. In order to stay relevant today, brands will need to indulge in event based personalisation or user based personalisation or an amalgamation of both to drive high engagement metrics.