MoEngage partners with MySyara

MoEngage Partners With MySyara

MySyara, UAE-based on-demand car care and technology company has partnered with insights-led engagement platform MoEngage to drive customer engagement and enhance retention metrics.

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MySyara is present in UAE and Kerala, India. The brand engages with customers to ease ownership from when they buy a car to when they sell it. Its main feature is to provide door-to-door service through an application. 

“We witness a large volume of customers using our app as it provides options such as easy scheduler and discount benefits,” said Chirenj Chandran, CEO of MySyara. “Our aim is to build and increase our customer’s lifetime value. This is where we think our partnership with MoEngage will be fruitful.”

”Prior to engaging with MoEngage, the brand utilised an internal tool to drive engagement. However, due to various manual processes, MySyara witnessed major gaps in its engagement strategy. The internal tool restricted the brand from analyzing which channel was performing well and did not provide an insight into the customer preference in terms of channels.”

“MoEngage, as an insights-led platform will assist MySyara by providing a single customer view. Using the same, MySyara will be able to assess the preference and affinities of customers and utilize each channel, i.e. e-mail, SMS, and push notifications effectively. The partnership will enable MySyara to tap into every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle journey and drive loyalty, thus increasing engagement and becoming “everything car” for its customers.”

“We wanted to understand and compare all the channels and see which one works better or where a customer responds better. By using MoEngage’s insights-led platform, we will be able to consolidate all the data in one place and use each channel optimally,” added Chandran.

“MoEngage is elated with pride at joining MySyara’s journey of driving customer loyalty. We look forward to working with MySyara which provides door-to-door service under one roof and are excited to be a part of their journey in unlocking the next phase of customer engagement,” said Kunal Badiani, head of Middle East and Africa, MoEngage.