Region’s “largest” digital billboard unveiled, with cool price tag of AED100m

Credits: Ishwari Khatu

Media World has announced that is set to acquire and operate “largest” outdoor high-resolution digital screen in the MENA region, according to the outdoor company.

The company signed a deal worth more than AED 100 million with real estate developer RSG Group of Companies (RSG Group) to acquire the screen. The deal also marks the beginning of Media World’s partnership with RSG Group.

The acquisition of the screen, which is called The Show, also marks Media World’s entry into the digital sphere of out-of-home media.

The digital screen is located alongside Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road on the yet-to-built Fairmont Dubai Skyline, a luxury five-star hotel and branded residences project by RSG Group.

The screen spans an area of 1,750 square metres and encapsulates over 16 million pixels, offering advertisers a platform to showcase their brands.

Amer Ahrari, Chairman of Media World, and Raj Sahni (Abu Sabah), Founder & Chairman, RSG Group of Companies (Credits: Media World)

Mr. Amer Ahrari, Chairman of Media World, said: “As we continually seek new premium opportunities in the region, commencing our venture into Digital Out of Home media in this location marks an excellent beginning for us.

“Our partnership with RSG Group is a testament to our pioneering vision to push the boundaries of advertising technology and creating unparalleled experiences for brands and audiences alike.

“The acquisition marks the beginning of our journey into Digital Out of Home media, and we have ambitious plans for substantial investment and extensive growth in this domain.”

Raj Sahni (Abu Sabah), Founder & Chairman, RSG Group of Companies, said, “The implementation of this project, featuring the largest high-resolution screen in the MENA region requires adept management, and we could not think of a more ideal choice than Media World.

“I have complete confidence in Media World to elevate this into the most coveted and premium advertising space in the city.”