Levi’s celebrates Dubai with Its We Are DXB campaign

We Are DXB is a celebration of Dubai’s culture, community and those who call it home. We visited the store behind the ad

Levi’s campaign, ‘We are DXB’, is an ode to the city, its culture, community and spirit, told through it’s creative voices.

Championing the creative talent scene in the region, Levi’s launches its latest campaign titled ‘We are DXB, as a celebration of its new flagship store in Dubai. Paying homage to the bustling Emirate, the campaign rallies the city’s most influential innovators. From artists to athletes, they proudly wave the flag of the city closest to their hearts. An emblem of community and culture, the campaign celebrates the disruptors who continually shape the city.

Representing Dubai’s thriving creative landscape are singer/songwriter Layla Kardan, creative visual artist Ali Murad, Emirati ‘Golden Boy’ footballer Ali Saleh, fashion and beauty star Renee Farah and ingenious rapper and singer Moh Flow. Capturing them through a lens of authentic moments, the creatives share their passion, creative journeys and what the city of Dubai means to them. Kardan, who first arrived in Dubai in the 80s, mentions the stimulating nostalgia she feels from the city. “There’s something really special about coming to a place where you feel there’s a familiarity. The sounds, the music… being here really helps me with my art.” Artist Murad revels in the diversity of Dubai, as a city with “its own history.” Murad finds inspiration in Dubai, as a “city that’s always changing and evolving.”

The campaign coincides with the opening of the brand’s newest flagship store at Dubai Mall. In its NextGen store format, Levi’s elevates its presence at the worlds largest shopping mall by bringing alive the full expression of the brand.  A playground for fashion lovers, the 3,042 sqft space features premium collections and collaborations. An iconic store for an iconic city.

Levi’s has always been the canvas for expression and the Levi’s Tailorshop helps consumers bring this to life.  Customers can make their Levi’s pieces truly their own by customising with pins, patches, embroidery, panelling and distressing.

In order to bring We Are DXB to life at the Tailorshop, Levi’s has partnered with four female artists –  muralist Dina Saadi, illustrator Nourie Flayhan, Brazilian born street artist Tarsila Shubert and mixed media artist Rabab Tantawy to interpret the campaign thru limited edition designs available exclusively at Dubai Mall. The designs draw on their experiences, journies and reflections of the city they call home.

Celebrating the harmonious union between the iconic brand and the unique city of Dubai We Are DXB calls out all fashion lovers, artists and creatives to unleash their inner artistry at the impressive Levi’s flagship store at Dubai Mall, and experience innovation and originality come to life.

 A visit to the flagship store

By Sofia Serrano

The new Levi’s flagship store in Dubai Mall is up and running and I had the opportunity to discover the creative side of denim with the Tailorshop, where shoppers can have their clothes personalised. In this visit, I met Roma Wadhwani, a designer at Levi’s Tailorshop. She has studied denim design in Jeanologia, an institute in Valencia, Spain that specialises in the development of sustainable and eco-efficient technologies for the finishing industry.

Wadhwani, or Ro&An, as you can find her on Instagram, is a denim artist who led me through the process of personalising a customised jacket with the limited edition designs for the We Are DXB campaign at the Tailorshop. After picking the jacket the creative process started. There are ladybugs, emoticons and pizza badges (lots of options) as well as embroidered patches with fun and forward-thinking messages (“fight stigma…”).

After choosing a few badges and patches it was time to chose the one design for the back of the jacket from the four female artists that collaborated exclusively for the Dubai Mall store. I chose the design from Brazilian born street artist Tarsila Shubert – aesthetically because of the lively colours and socially because of the meaning of the Arabic word in her design, ‘strength’.

Photo credits: Risha George

The designs are available for the public in the Tailorshop, where Ro&An and the team will help you customise the jacket of your dreams. Even though the summer just started,  a jacket is a good indoor addition with all that AC going at full capacity – another thing that makes Dubai unique.