Launchmetrics announces partnership with daydreamer

Launchmetrics, a brand performance cloud for the fashion, luxury & beauty (FLB) industries, announces its partnership with daydreamer, a regional media, communications, and branding agency. Through their collaboration, Launchmetrics and daydreamer will offer brand performance tools and insights, to help brands make smarter decisions around their branding efforts. daydreamer will be exclusively in charge of selling Launchmetrics’ software for clients in the UAE.

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This partnership will offer clients access to the company’s Brand Performance Cloud for the following apps:

  • Sample management: To allow brands to track products and optimize the use of samples, to increase productivity and reduce time-to-market.
  • Event organization: capabilities to manage live, hybrid, and digital events.
  • Contact & email management: The ability to manage contacts and relationships in one centralized location.
  • Digital asset management: Online showrooms to host, manage, and showcase digital assets.
  • PR/Media monitoring: Which helps brands track editorial mentions across print, online and social media.
  • Professional services: Customized reports, either on-demand or recurring, for deeper data analysis.
  • Brand performance benchmark: Insights to help brands analyze their efficiency and key results against competitors.

“With digitisation, we are seeing an unprecedented shift within Fashion, Luxury and Beauty brands in this post-pandemic era,” said Carlos Ortega, SVP Business Development at Launchmetrics. “With that in mind, it’s important for us to have key partners across the globe to ensure our customers have access to the right tools and data, as well as the superior service Launchmetrics has been known to provide, as they embark on this digital transformation. Our collaboration with daydreamer is an important step in ensuring we are bringing local expertise and know-how as we expand in the region.”

“We are very excited to become the exclusive reseller of Launchmetrics in the UAE and I see a huge opportunity to develop the brand in the region”, said Christine Abi Assi, founder of daydreamer. “Coming from a background of publishing, public relations, and media buying, I definitely see the major potential in their offering, and I strongly believe their solutions support the marketeer throughout their launch then metrics journey, especially in this increasingly competitive landscape where every effort needs to be tracked, measured and optimized.”