Campaign Online Briefing: Audio 2022

  • When:14/04/2022 11:00 am
  • Where:Online

With streaming service Anghami listing on the New York Stock Exchange and regional podcast networks securing ever-larger rounds of funding, there is money in the region’s audio industry.

Radio advertising revenue may have taken a hit during the Covid-19 lockdowns, but listening is up. People are suffering screen fatigue and are finding ways to consume content away from their phones, computers and television.

From streaming services to podcasts to audiobooks, listening formats are multiplying and evolving. And with Amazon’s Alexa joining the smart speakers available in the region, along with Siri and other voice-activated technologies, our devices are listening to us too. At Campaign’s next Online Briefing we look at all things audio to see what new developments are taking place in this exciting area, and how marketers can leverage audio to best effect.

The Agenda

11:00am: Chair’s opening remarks – Introduction to the topic by Austyn Allison, Editor at Campaign Middle East.

11:05am:  Panel 1 : How regional advertisers are using different facets of digital audio.

Digital audio spends are growing at a fast pace globally. The growth is mainly driven by a high accessibility through multiple devices, with a unique off-screen experience. It has expanded beyond only streaming platforms to include players such as Amazon, Dailymotion, Youtube, Tiktok and Snap. Digital audio benefits from a creative flexibility, as it has many forms – from pre-rolls to songs, sonics, podcasts and even digital concerts.

While growth is evident globally, regionally we are still shaping the audio scene. In this panel we want to take a deeper look on how advertisers in the field have utilised audio and how they can use its many possibilities even better. Let’s discover the whys, hows and whens together.

Moderator: Carl Chalhoub | Anghami UAE Senior Sales Manager, DMS
Maha Najem | Marketing Manager, Volkswagen Middle East
Dewan Afzal | Digital & Media Manager – Consumer Products Division, L’Oreal Middle East
Melissa Kanaan | Galaxy Marketing Manager, Mars

11:45am: Panel 2 : Behind the mic

Our second panel takes a look at the current state and future of podcasting in the region. Bringing together experts in the field, we examine a medium expanding rapidly through investments and partnerships. We look at podcasting’s adoption of ad tech and at advertising’s adoption of podcasting. If you are involved with podcasting or want to find the best ways to hitch your wagon to the podcast pony and ride it into the future, make sure you join us.

Moderator: Cheryl King | Managing Director, markettiers
Ramsey Tesdell | CEO, Co-founder, Sowt Media
Greg Kalai | Business Associate, Kerning Cultures Network

Join us – and keep the volume turned up.

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