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KFC Arabia’s Colonel Shield allows gamers to crunch and game

KFC, purveyor of world-famous fried chicken, is once again catering to the regional gaming audience with its latest invention “Colonel’s Shield”, a new controller skin that will save gamers and their controllers from irreparable damage while munching by going AFK.

It is a well-known fact that gamers often feast on food while playing games, but so far, many gamers have been unable to enjoy their delicious KFC chicken while they continue gaming. KFC Arabia is looking to solve this challenge with its new Colonel’s Shield.

The new controller skin is made of an anti-grease substance that will shield the joystick and controller cracks from undeniable but enjoyable effects of the craveable crunch of KFC’s finger lickin’ good chicken.  The Colonel’s Shield has been optimized to entirely cover the controller without affecting the experience of playing with a standard controller and is customized to fit flawlessly on any joystick. 

Ozge Zoralioglu, chief marketing officer, KFC MENAPAKT says:  said, “We wanted to develop a gaming accessory for players who prefer to eat while they play to indicate that we are aware of their difficulties and that we want to give them a method to connect with our brand while they play. With the new colonel’s shield, you can play games while eating KFC without having to interrupt your session.”

KFC has produced multiple gaming accessories to help gamers in the MENA region game and eat, simultaneously. As KFC developed new products like the chopstix, the Refreshment Helmet, and finally the current version of Colonel’s Shield, the challenge of playing video games while eating is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Esports and gaming company, Power League Gaming, also KFC’s gaming agency, is behind the concept of the accessories and aims to