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iQiyi International reveals line-up of new shows exclusively for Ramadan

From conservative romantic comedies and variety shows, to thriller drama series, tune into iQiyi International this Ramadan for a month of unmissable content.

In-demand Chinese streaming service with a strange name brings amazing shows to the Middle East, with over 35 new titles added to its platform for viewers to enjoy throughout the holy month. iQiyi International will add a brand-new Ramadan Tab to its platform, offering easy access to its incredible selection of new and existing favoured shows, including Youth With You 3.

Spend Ramadan nights with iQiyi International and enjoy a wide selection of premium drama series, movies, variety shows and anime with up to 12 localised interfaces and 10 subtitles to select from, including Arabic and English. Offering subscription services from just AED 17.99, SAR 17.99 and EGP 64.99, there never has been a better time to sign-up to iQiyi to relish in exclusive Asian content this Ramadan.

Check out iQiyi International’s must-watch shows for Ramadan below, available to stream since 12th April:

In Love with Your Dimples 

School tyrant girl Tang Shuang Liwent back to her hometown to work as a front desk clerk after experiencing lost love, unemployment, and loss of money. She originally wanted to be a mortal, but because of her unconcealed talent, interesting soul and frankness, she attracted the attention of the three great male gods Lu Zhi Yi, He Qiao Sheng, and He Qi Zhan, who are handsome but with completely different personalities.

Oh! Master 

The leading male actor is the best scriptwriter in South Korea, who only writes cruel, cold-hearted, elaborately planned dramas. His counterpart is a popular actress loved by all, who appears mostly in romantic comedies, but she’s not so good with her own romantic relationships. The two meet through the drama “Red Siren” and end up living together against their will. The man, a neat freak and perfectionist whose strict rule was to stay out of other people’s business and keep others out of his, starts changing his stubborn ways as he lives with a woman that is the total opposite of him in every way possible.

Love Scenery

An inspirational story about mutual growth and love follows a singer and a 4th-year computer major. Liang Chen and Lu Jing are two people who shine in their respective fields. Through the purest, most beautiful sound, Liang Chen aims to bring good music to her audience. Lu Jing who loves computing and analytics is highly recognized for his work in the study of complex human behaviours. Lu Jing who is a popular gamer is also Liang Chen’s loyal fan and her junior at school. Two people who were originally strangers chasing after their dreams cross paths.

No Boundary

A story that follows an upright goddess and a constable with a cold exterior who join hands to solve crimes and find love along the way. During the Song Dynasty, Bao Long Tu who governs Kaifeng has become known as the new ‘Bao Qing Tian’. Duan Mu Cui descends to the mortal realm and establishes her own sect with the intent to vanquish demonic forces who seek to harm humans. The 4th rank imperial guard Zhan Yan receives orders to help Duan Mu Cui, thus beginning their journey against ghosts in the pugilistic world.

Sign up for iQiyi today, via iQ.com or the international app, and catch up on all the latest pan-Asian series, movies, anime and variety shows this Ramadan.