Industry snapshot: Stuart Mackay, Reprise MENA

Stuart Mackay, General Manager, Reprise MENA

What have been the biggest long-term changes to the market over the last year?

The changes to our particular market proposition have actually been mostly positive this year. If anything, Covid has sped up the adoption of technology and has driven organizations to need to understand their data and how to leverage it through technology more effectively.

What changes do you see coming in 2021?

There will continue through 2021 to be a rapid shift toward interacting with customers through digital channels. Social media will become a prime channel for purchase. I also expect to see an increasing use of advanced technologies (ML & AI) and data science techniques being used in marketing decision making. Businesses need to get to grips with their data however difficult that challenge may be and use it responsibly and effectively.

What work are you most proud of from the last year?

There were multiple pieces of client work delivered in 2020 that I am exceptionally proud of. However, the plaudits during our 1st year in the region must go to my leadership team for building and growing our outstanding team of professionals. None of what we have achieved last year would have been possible without the support, commitment and enthusiasm of the great team that I am honoured to lead.

What one digital habit should we all adopt?

Put the phone down and be in the moment, far too much of our time is spent scrolling and looking through our phones. Implement “no phone” hours particularly before you sleep at night and during personnel time.

How do you see the interaction between digital and offline changing from a marketing perspective?

Cross channel marketing is not disappearing anytime soon and the use of several different platforms to reach customers will still be relatively successful. Even though digital ad spend has surpassed traditional means it doesn’t mean that these options aren’t still worthwhile and effective. Marketing measurement will be crucial for brands when determining success, optimizing media mix and reducing wasted ad spend.