Industry snapshot: Pascal Khazzoum, Fusion5

Pascal Khazzoum, head of social, Fusion5.

How is your agency’s role different today from a year ago?

A common need for brands is to find strategic partners to deliver growth. All brands are adapting their digital marketing tactics to address shifts in consumers’ online behaviours but they struggle to harness their customer data effectively. As a result, brand decision-makers are looking to agencies able to formulate and deliver customer-first strategies. Our focus has shifted from delivering digital efficiencies to delivering commercial results and measurable growth.

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What is the role of technology in media today?

Technology’s role in media is to simplify decisions to gain efficient execution of digital marketing strategies. Technology is still seen as a must-have, rather than a must-use. We are seeing an increasingly complex martech stack at our clients due to the more multifaceted consumer journey that needs immediate support from us. In order to effectively master new and emerging technologies, teams should build the right capabilities, which is why we have prioritised extensive training programmes to enhance our team’s skills. Automation and attribution are the areas where we are mostly concentrating our efforts at the moment.

What one piece of advice would help clients get the most out of their agencies?

While clients should still look at the level of service and existing relationships at the agency as the main priority, they should assess agencies’ capabilities to deliver business growth and drive innovation through the right usage of customer data. The right agency should support its clients at 360-degrees in their digital transformation, anticipating the changes, replacing legacy processes and leveraging customer data to its full potential.

What will this year’s biggest challenge be, and how do you plan to tackle it?

We are looking to tap into the game of omni-channel as never before. We plan to enhance digital experiences, harness the right technologies, adapt to disjoined shopping journeys and leverage new media to support
our emerging clients’ needs.

What are you most excited about this year?

Our people. We are actively recruiting highly skilled talents in new technologies while growing the existing capabilities of our teams. Our commercial offering is directly correlated to the people behind our services. We want to be positioned as a true growth enabler and value-creation driver, with our teams acting as an extension of our clients’ teams.