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imo introduces ‘Messenger for Business’ – a new feature that enables brands to get closer to its targeted customers

The instant communication app, imo, is very popular all over the world as it connects over 200 million users in 62 languages across more than 170 countries and regions. The app provides the most convenient, interactive, and fun way for people to connect. Due to its significant traffic as well as its loyal and interactive userbase, imo has been able to cement itself as being a top social platform that enables brands to engage with consumers. 

To better connect brands and fulfil their marketing objectives, imo provides branding and performance solutions for advertisers. For branding needs, imo offers a variety of ad resources, including Brand Takeover, Chatlist and audio call and story stream to help the brand connect users, as well as CPM and CPD cooperation models -both of which are supported. 

For performance ads, imo established the self-serve DSP platform, which provides a precise ad promotion and cost-effective way for both website and app advertisers. Now, imo focuses on helping emerging businesses build an effective communication bridge between the brands and their customers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, thus developing this new feature – ‘Messenger for Business.’

Using this feature, businesses can communicate with their target customers in a more convenient, engaging and effective manner. To avail of this feature, the brand will have to create an imo official account. The brand’s official account with the imo certification makes businesses more credible in the communication process. After the account is verified by imo, the businesses can send ‘promotion messages’ to potential customers. With imo’s strong local, regional and international user base, brands can choose appropriate target groups for rapid dissemination. Through imo conversations, businesses can reach more customers with information related to brand marketing, product sales, promotional activities, discount information, and convenient online services. 

Furthermore, brands can directly use this feature to communicate with their target customers. Compared with traditional text messages and phone calls, this function supports richer message forms, has more real-time interaction, and can be achieved at a lower cost. It is very friendly to brands that need customer communication services, such as e-commerce brands and banks. 

Currently, brands can send messages with up to 5,000 characters of text information, images, and videos, and this feature will support interactions as well. Eventually, this will create a variety of benefits for people within the MENA region, enabling them to connect and interact with their favorite brands more easily and conveniently with relevant opportunities designed that could potentially enhance their lives.

imo has already partnered with some brands, such as Rise of Kingdoms, to use its ‘Messenger for Business’ feature. Rise of Kingdoms is a staggeringly huge mobile game from Lilith, which is very popular in MENA. 

 (Rise of Kingdoms has availed of imo’s new feature ‘Messenger for Business’)

To make this feature more convenient for the businesses imo has also cooperated with TMV Media who will be performing as the official business provider of imo in the MENA region. 

“imo is prevalent across the world and it is loved by a large user base in the MENA region. We are extremely proud to be an agency of imo and believe brands will significantly benefit from opportunities presented by the instant communications app, which provides comprehensive solutions and could help to achieve different objectives and promotion goals of large, medium or small business – be it local, regional and international,” said Taha Kazmi, from TMV Media.

Shweta Singh, the imo regional director- MENA, was excited about the new features launched, saying, “imo is a growing platform and we aim to keep upgrading the product features whilst offering efficient marketing solutions for brands. The new features in imo will help brands to connect with potential consumers and uplift conversions which in turn will provide more opportunities for brands to engage with their potential customers in more engaging and meaningful manner.”

Interested users can download imo for free from here