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New kid on the blockchain – by Sputnik Floyd

Payment by crypto is being rolled out across the globe, and it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay, says Sputnik Floyd

Sputnik Floyd Bitcoin

It might take a while for everyone to get the memo, but it’s normal for people to be sceptical of what they don’t understand. Each time our primate brains get our socks blown off by a new way of thinking; passionate (and often irrational) pushbacks, denials and outright rejections are all predictable reactions. From working remotely, to the widespread use of vaccines as the first line of defence in public health. From the NFT revolution that’s taking the world by storm, to Zoom calls as a universal tool for keeping in touch.

No matter how much some of us might resist and refuse to jump on the bandwagon, we eventually embrace
and adopt what’s good for us, kicking and screaming, only to be dazzled and frazzled by something newer, better, more convenient and practical. Except we won’t know it right away – so off we go again with the resisting.

Sputnik Floyd (SF), a future-oriented advertising agency based in Berlin and Dubai, has just announced that it is now accepting client payments in crypto. At this early stage, only a selection of its in-house services can be purchased with cryptocurrencies, but SF is exploring opportunities and potential partners with the aim of expanding the menu.

KryptoKom (a pseudonym for ‘communication services sold in cryptocurrency’) is what Patrick Honein, founder and CEO of Sputnik Floyd, likes to call the agency’s new offering. In SF’s crosshairs, individuals and businesses have the courage and foresight to invest in blockchain and NFTs and want to further promote existing businesses and launch new ones. They, however, unfortunately, tend to hit a brick wall in converting their crypto capital into marketing and communication investments.

SF wants to elevate these pioneers for what they are – people with great ideas and the financial power to make things happen. With KryptoKom, the agency is one of the world’s first to jump right in and ride this new and exciting wave, opening up a range of new opportunities that target tech investors, entrepreneurs and startups.

Of course, a creative agency that’s into Blockchain simply can’t dodge the NFT phenomenon. SF is also currently developing an NFT project in the UAE, with an international launch on the cards imminently. This venture will give the team a priceless chance to expand knowledge and expertise on the subject, making SF the partner of choice for clients looking to dip their toes into the thrill of the NFT game.

Finding your place in the NFT and/or the crypto business is no longer about stock market speculation and placing bets. It’s all about pinpointing a precise role as a player in the ecosystem – and ASAP. Only a legit mover and shaker is there on day one to provide the know-how, resources, services and products needed to empower clients and partners.

The SF philosophy runs counter to service providers in the communication industry that don’t embrace the ‘no guts, no glory’ motto. Turning down and closing doors to opportunity is a faint-hearted denial of what is staring us all in the face. Innovators and up-and-coming entrepreneurs are shaking things up, especially in Berlin, where startups are generating over $50bn a year, of which more than half is invested in NFTs and crypto-related ventures.

If you talk the talk, you must walk the walk. SF is genuinely committed to delivering on the KryptoKom promise. As such, the agency will soon launch its new sister company, which will provide SF with the capacity to cater for blockchain solutions, consultancy and NFT projects.

In fact, several functional NFT projects have already been proactively submitted. They go beyond art and create business opportunities for clients by utilising the NFTs as vouchers, loyalty programmes, premium accounts and more. The move is opening up a novel space for brands to generate revenue, gain further customer acquisition and both simplify and expand loyalty programmes.

The new setup will also facilitate collaboration with and support for local and regional NFT creators, serving to further promote the UAE as a leading hub for tech, blockchain and virtual property. The entity will be part of the HO9 holding company and is due to start operating very soon in the UAE, where it will serve a range of progressively minded clients.

The country itself has always been an environment where innovators thrive and constantly look for ways to do things differently. To think bigger. Its year-long summer, diverse, multicultural environment and tech-driven mindset are precisely why SF and its partners have chosen the UAE as a base of operations to foster the development of a new trend while pushing the comms industry to uncharted heights.

It’s no secret that the blockchain segment has struggled recently with steep nosedives in value, but such declines have happened before and hardly spelt the end of the technology. There is always a correction when anything in our world experiences an astronomic rise. Events like this can only help humble us and teach us valuable lessons that we should use to catch up, gain a better understanding of all the complexities, and make sure we deal with any future crises more effectively and intelligently.

The vision is ambitious, and the spirits are high. SF hopes to inspire more businesses to truly embrace the inevitability of change. First and foremost, however, the agency looks forward to giving its customer and partner base across the region the edge they both deserve and have come to expect.