HUAWEI Ads and Connect Ads run a series of e-roadshows on programmatic advertising services in Egypt and GCC

The event addresses the changing ad tech landscape.


HUAWEI Ads, one of Huawei’s fastest-growing platforms that empower advertisers to reach over 700 million users worldwide, has collaborated with Connect Ads, its certified partner in the MENA region, to introduce media buyers and major brands to its programmatic advertising platform. The partners hosted 17 virtual workshops in Egypt between June and August, welcoming brands such as Publicis Groupe, Mediacom, and OMNICOM, and professionals from industries such as banking, telecom, automotive, QSR, and NGOs.

HUAWEI Ads enables brands to buy impressions on the enormous user base of Huawei smart devices. Advertisers can place bids, with absolute transparency, through a real-time advertising marketplace that automates and simplifies the process of media buying.

The advanced analysis tool by HUAWEI Ads enables buyers and brands to reach their precise target audience and gain real-time insights into how audiences interact with an advert.

“It is vital to reach out directly to our valued clients and partners, keep them informed of our latest products and services, and introduce what we believe is an evolved model with a captive audience to marketers around the region,” said Mohamed Mahmoud, Head of Client Partnerships & Data, MEAI HUAWEI Ads. “Following the first leg of our roadshow in Egypt, attendees shared that they can now see the maturity and effectiveness of our programmatic advertising platform. This echoed as a spike in the adoption of Huawei’s advertising solutions in the region as of late.”

A growing number of regional software developers are choosing to integrate HUAWEI Ads into their apps, as it offers an attractive outlet for them to increase in-app revenue. A wide range of advertising formats is supported, including native, rewarded, banner, interstitial, splash and roll.

Adverts are incorporated seamlessly into apps without impacting look and feel, or quality for users. To support this goal, HUAWEI Ads has also developed an opt-out option to prevent the delivery of personalised adverts to those who do not want them and add the option to reset OAID – the advertising identifier used to deliver tailored content to users.

Brands and media buyers that join HUAWEI Ads can partake in an exceptional partner program, where they can maximise their returns by leveraging notable features such as unique incentives, performance analysis, and detailed metrics like client retention and more.

During the roadshow, attendees saw examples of brands that have used HUAWEI Ads to conduct successful marketing campaigns and developers that have boosted in-app revenue by integrating HUAWEI Ads into their apps.

Following the success of this roadshow in Egypt and the growing demand for programmatic advertising across MENA, HUAWEI Ads and Connect Ads will continue to host insightful and informative sessions roadshow across the GCC until the end of October this year.

To see your city’s schedule and reserve your spot, please contact Connect Ads at connectads.com/mail-form and HUAWEI Ads on [email protected].