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How can brands include humour into their marketing?

Humour is one of key ways brands, influencers and multinational companies can differentiate themselves.

TikTok has released research insights to help brands be more funny and create messaging to resonate with their consumers and target audience on the app.

According to TikTok, there’s a strong connection between comedy and purchase intent for viewers, regardless of which advertiser is using it.

  • Videos posted to the hashtags #funny and #comedy have six trillion views in the app
  • 30 per cent of TikTok users said humor in creator content was a top motivation for purchase intent
  • Funny is the top video category that viewers want to see from creators
  • 7 in 10 viewers say ‘making people laugh’ is considered the most enjoyable aspect of watching TikTok ads

To put together strategies to boost brand’s voices, TikTok asked creators personal advice on creating successful brand campaigns, did research on viewers’ thoughts on various topics including comedy and looked at funny brand campaigns used humour.

TikTok’s top tip is to work with successful creators, as they know what resonates with their audience the best.

The social media platform encourages more brands to work with creators via its Creator Marketplace as top stars get paid in the app.

The social media platform also provided other tips:

  • Know your memes. They’re a jumping-off point for creative ideas, and they can help brands signal to viewers that they’re in on the fun.
  • Remixing a trend leads to a 14 per cent uplift in view time for ads.
  • Play with style. Creative risks are respected and rewarded on TikTok. Qualities that may seem avant-garde (like surrealism and informal content) are key to TikTok humour.  TikTok.