Houbara Communications marks second anniversary with Novel Impact Programme

Houbara Communications, an integrated creative and content-driven communications consultancy, is celebrating its second birthday by expanding its Impact Programme with ‘Twobara’.

As part of the program, the Houbara team will all receive an additional two days of paid leave to support a cause in their community that will benefit from their time, talent and kindness. Whether it’s sharing a love of reading, cleaning up a beach or simply giving time to a charity that needs it, Houbara will be making its mark this year.

Loretta Ahmad, Founder and CEO of Houbara Communications said, “Two years ago we set out to create a business made up of a collective of like-minded committed consultants who share the same values – to have real purpose and to stand up for what we believe in. Our name comes from the Houbara Bustard, an endangered bird indigenous to the Gulf whose numbers are now recovering thanks to a sustained captive breeding programme. Unheard of by many but revered in this region, this bird encapsulates our approach – it’s not just the big causes we focus on – it’s the often-overlooked detail that we identify and where we focus our efforts – so we can bring about genuine impact. So, this iconic bird became our mascot, keeping us focused on our goals and how we approach every challenge, every day.

“Two years on and we’re ready to expand our Impact Programme to continue on our journey.  Twobara is where we all get to pay it forward in our community – our aspiration from the very beginning.”